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You’re Cut Off’s Jennifer Jowett blames DUI on life coach Laura Baron

Arguably the most controversial pampered princess featured in Season 2 of VH1’s You’re Cut Off is Jennifer Jowett.  Jowett has made headlines recently for a DUI arrest that occurred the night of the show’s premiere. According to TMZ the take-no-crap queen bee is singling out show host and life coach Laura Baron as the reason for the arrest!

Top 10 quotes from You’re Cut Off season 2 premiere

It’s time for another season of mind-blowingly spoiled princess action from VH1’s queen bee-straightening school of hard knocks, You’re Cut Off! We really enjoyed Season One of the show, which tries to teach young princesses what happens when their seemingly undeserved source of endless money is cut off by their benefactors. 

Season 2’s crop of spoiled brats look to be at least as rotten as the ladies from season 1 — and possibly worse. Heck, one of the girls doesn’t even make it through the first episode!

Meet Shakyra LaShae from season 2 of VH1’s ‘You’re Cut Off’

VH1 has announced the cast for their upcoming second season of You’re Cut Off, the train wrecktastic show that attempts to scare queen bees straight by severing their seemingly endless and undeserved sources of money. The new seasons features the return of life coach Laura Baron as she tries to take 8 pampered princesses and show them there is more to life than pedicures and tanning sessions.

10 Questions with ‘You’re Cut Off’ life coach Laura Baron

VH1 has launched an extremely entertaining new reality show called You’re Cut Off featuring 9 spoiled-rotten princesses who are cut off from their accustomed pampering and forced to live together in a “small” house to learn to cope with life in the real world. Leading these queen-bees through this school of hard knocks is life coach Laura Baron.

In a previous post we provided our readers with a little background info on the life coach from Chicago, and Laura was kind enough to take time from her intense schedule to do an exclusive interview to discuss the show, her future plans, and even offer advice to her 16-year-old self.