PHOTOS Breaking Amish LA’s Devon, Andrew, Matt & Samuel get makeovers

Breaking Amish LA guys' makeovers Matt Samuel Andrew

Last week the guys and gals of Breaking Amish: LA were getting used to their new West Coast diggs, as well as their new roommate, Abe’s brother Andrew. Next week the boys take the next essential step in the process of “Breaking Amish” and surrender to the adage “When in Rome Los Angeles, do as the Romans Los Angelinos do” by upgrading their threads!

In other words, Devon, Andrew, Matt and Samuel get a fashion makeover in which they transition from being awkward Mennonite and Amish young men from Pennsylvania and Indiana into awkward Mennonite and Amish young men from Pennsylvania and Indiana wearing plaid button-up shirts, jeans, brightly colored swim trunks and the obligatory Affliction print top.

And did I mention fauxhawks?

Breaking Amish LA Andrew Schmucker

Actually, when I first saw this next photo I wasn’t sure if Samuel had gotten a makeover or had just converted to Quakerism — not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Breaking Amish LA makeovers Samuel Devon Matt Bristol Andrew Schmucker

Who knows, maybe Andrew can make sleeveless button-up muscle shirts a new hip thing. He definitely gets a “A” for effort:

Braeking Amish Abe's brother Andrew Schmucker on Breaking Amish LA

(Actually, he doesn’t seem to be helping the cause at all.)

I think my favorite “makeover” was Devon, who still looked a little awkward with his new surfer look, but I think he’s passable as a douchey frat boy. What do you think?

Breaking Amish LA Devon makeover

As you might have guessed, aspiring fashion designer Matt was the most courageous in his makeover style choices, electing to go with a rather elaborately patterned button-up long-sleeve shirt, woven brown fedora, boots, jeans, and leather jacket:

Breaking Amish LA gay fashion designer Matt  Breaking Amish LA Matthew Bristol aspiring fashion designer

So what do you think about the boys’ new looks? Do you think they’ll be able to blend into the LA scene in their slick duds?

Here’s one last look at Devon, Matt and Andrew — with Samuel walking away looking as though he has yet to commit to the makeover process. (Perhaps he is the last hold out?) And if you’ll notice, Andrew is sporting sleeveless button-up shirt number three!

Breaking Amish Los Angeles men Devon Matt Andrew Samuel

You can watch all the guys getting their West Coast makeovers on the next episode of Breaking Amish: LA airing Sunday, August 11 at 10/9c on TLC!

UPDATE – Click here to see Betsy trying on a teen tiny bikini!

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