Reportedly pregnant Jenelle Evans shares bikini photos, hatter true detectives are on the case

Not pregnant Jenelle Evans bikini photo May 20 in Miami

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed last week that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is pregnant again, but the 24-year-old mother of two continues to deny that report. The major evidence supporting the pregnancy report is a photograph taken of Jenelle at a local target in which she appears to be sporting a large baby bump, and the main reason Jenelle’s denials have fallen on deaf ears is because she has not provided photographic proof that she is not expecting — until now!

Jenelle posted the bikini selfie above while in Miami, Florida to attend Farrah Abraham’s 25th birthday party at HOUSE Nightclub Saturday night. “I love my body for the way it is,” Jenelle wrote in the caption. “Once again, not pregnant… Lol yes I’ve gained weight, healthy weight. This what happens when you are truly happy in life and in a healthy relationship. Getting back in my workout grind tho! ????”

As you might imagine, the Jenelle conspiracy theorists (also known affectionately as “hatters” — stemming from a Jenelle typo I’m assuming) have been picking the photo apart looking for clues to indicate it is not actually a recent photo. If it is an older photo, Jenelle was masterful in her selection because so far the True Detective work of the hatters has turned up nothing to either confirm it is an older photo or a recent photo.

The easiest way to have narrowed down when the photo was taken was if we could see Jenelle’s left side instead of her right. (Obviously, the photo above was taken in a mirror so everything is reversed.) The reason Jenelle’s left side is so important is because she got a huge tattoo of an octopus on her left hip back in early March to cover up her “Nathan” tattoo. Here’s a photo of her octopus and ink ink:

Jenelle Evans octopus tattoo

Other dead end clues in Jenelle’s new bikini photo are her iPhone case, which she has had for at least three months, and her aviator sunglasses, which are no help at all. Some hatters have called into question the paleness of the hand in the background, but that could easily be because of the harsh lighting — plus, you would have to go back quite a ways to find a time when Jenelle was in a nice hotel room with a pale guy (that we know of).

And speaking of that arm in the background, Jenelle later posted a photo of David out and about in Miami in which he is wearing a long-sleeve white shirt, so if the photo is an older picture, they are doing extremely well at maintaining continuity!

#KeyBiscayne #Tropical #Miami ☀️? lmfao this should be a postcard. ???

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

The thing most of the hatters seem to be focused on now is the hotel room. Certainly those curtains are unique, so can they be matched up to a hotel in Miami? I’m guessing we will know soon enough because them hatters don’t quit!

Jenelle Evans pregnant True Detective Rust Cohle

There is one anti-pregnancy theory that seems to be gaining a little momentum. Some have speculated that Jenelle is going to undergo a procedure with Dr. Miami (perhaps a Brazilian butt lift like co-star Kail Lowry?) and was told during her consultation back in January that it would be better if she put on a little weight. I have no idea if that is even true with Brazilian butt lifts (or other procedures that relocate fat deposits), I’m just reporting on the ongoing investigation, 😉

No matter whether Jenelle is pregnant or not, she definitely deserves some praise for keeping the question in the headlines! If she isn’t pregnant, she could easily dispel the report with a video, so she’s clearly choosing not to do that. If she is pregnant, then she is doing a great job of preventing folks from proving it — or disproving her proof to the contrary. 🙂 I swear, MTV misses out on 80% of the real Teen Mom 2 drama and entertainment!

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