Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is bisexual, why isn’t this addressed on Teen Mom 2?

Kailyn Lowry and friend Toni pose for the NOH8 campaign

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been very open about her support of gay rights, but there’s something she hasn’t been very open about publicly – her bisexuality! That’s right, Kailyn has reportedly – as Bravo’s Andy Cohen would say – swam in the lady pond.

A source talked to Star magazine and tells them, “Kail was with a girl named Shelby … for about two years,” and then adds that the relationship began in middle school. The source goes on to reveal that Kailyn broke off the relationship just prior to dating Isaac’s father Jo, and that Jo knew about it. “He thought it was just a phase,” the source says.

Kail would soon start up another relationship with Gigi Hanna while still seeing Jo. “Kail cheated on Jo with Gigi, but he knew and didn’t care,” the source tells Star.

Star then talked with Gigi herself, who says “We became close again and promised to never leave each other; we moved in together,” before adding they were discreet with their displays of affection. “We know our boundaries.”

Kailyn Lowry NoH8 photo in support of gay and lesbian rights

We talked with our own insider and Starcasm has confirmed that Kail has had relationships with women, at least with Gigi Hanna.

What we don’t know is why this subject hasn’t been addressed on the show. The Teen Mom shows seem like a great platform to bring up the subject of same-sex relationships, don’t you think? And Kailyn is pretty bold when it comes to voicing her opinion and taking a stand – so it sure seems like she would be up for it! Kail’s been awesome with her discussion about birth control on the show, and this would definitely be a topic that a lot of young moms (and women) would relate to.

Her support of the NO8 campaign has been wonderful. NO8, all Love! Kail is a wonderful mom.

Photos: Kailyn Lowry and friend Toni pose for photos for the NoH8 campaign back in November. Credit: Adam Bouska

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