POLL Who deserves to win Big Brother 13 tonight?

BB 13 final 3 Rachel Reilly Adam Poch Porshce Briggs

So we’re down to the final three for season 13 of Big Brother. I feel somewhat vindicated because in my pre-season pool that I do with some fellow BB addicts I went out on an emotionally unstable limb and picked Rachel to win it all and I’m still liking my chances. We’re left with the vet and two floaters in the form of Adam and Porsche. Tonight it will all be determined and I want your input on who you think deserves to take home the half-a-million dollar grand prize.

It’s important to note that this isn’t who you want to win but who you believe deserves to win out of the three remaining house guests. Things got very personal this year in the house as they usually do but in the end the jurors usually side with whom they felt played the strongest game. If that’s the argument then I think that you have to go with Rachel (if she makes it to the final two of course). I know that the tear-on-a-whim bookie lovin’ “no one comes between me and my man” girl is a tough vote but she’s put herself out there and won more comps than Porsche and Adam combined. All of this with a big ol’ veteran target on her back.

So let me know, who do you believe deserves to win it all live tonight?