Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett’s “Body and Soul” duet video debuts on her 28th birthday

Today, Wednesday September 14, 2011 is what would have been Amy Winehouse’s 28th birthday. In honor of that, Tony Bennett is dropping his “Body & Soul” duet with her from of his upcoming album Duets II.

Tony didn’t know what to expect when he recorded with Winehouse, who viewed him as an idol, but was often unpredictable in recording situations. He says he set her at ease by saying she reminded him of Dinah Washington, and the recording went really well. Amy was dressed in one of her fashion collaborations with Fred Perry and looked as healthy and beautiful as she’s ever looked.

Check out Amy and Tony showing off their chops, (and Amy giving Tony a little bedroom eyes:)

CLICK HERE to buy the single.
All proceeds go the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which also launches today, and is set to benefit disadvantaged youth.

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