Cops catch caught-on-film goon who punched out female clerk over 41 cents


On September 7, 35-year-old Kendrick Ruth walked into a Los Angeles area Chevron wanting a Swisher Sweets cigar. The cashier, Yadira Lara, informed him that the price would be a $1.41. Unfortunately for Lara, all Ruth had on him was a dollar and a disgusting violent streak.

Ruth cocked his fist back as Lara kept the cigar behind the counter and asked Ruth to leave the store as a line of people waited. He then loaded again and punched the 23-year-old viciously in the face and left the store. At first the cops did not have his identity and they released the following footage of the crime in hopes of catching him:

Their search proved successful as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department found him holed up at a hotel in Long Beach on Wednesday and arrested him for robbery and assault. He’s set for arraignment today and was being held on a $100,000 bond.

Lara regrets having made the decision of keeping the cigar, wishing she would have just given it to Ruth. She told NBC Los Angeles that the punch reaggravated a childhood injury and has left her with permanent eye damage that could cause her to lose sight in her left eye.

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