PLATHVILLE Are Micah and Antia dating?

21-year-old Micah Plath is definitely the most adventurous of his siblings, and he seems to have no intention of settling down romantically. He’s currently living a nomadic couch-surfing life and spending most of his time in Los Angles, CA trying to make it as a model. He’s made it clear that he’s playing the field pretty heavily, but has shot scenes for the show with a vibrant young woman named Antia. Are the pair dating, or it this more of a “showmance?”

Antia and Micah first met during Season 4, Episode 5 when Micah’s friend Hayden’s girlfriend brought over Antia as a potential blind date for Micah.

Hayden’s girlfriend Amanda is from Brazil and Antia is from Spain. All three of them go to the same acting school. Micah also has dreams of being an actor, but he’s not attending classes.

Micah socked Amanda and Antia with stories about his sheltered life with eight siblings. He related how all the births were home births with his dad delivering the babies. The girls were shocked over this, but they related to Micah’s ambitions to explore the world and pursue acting because they both left their home countries to do the same thing.

After their conversation, Micah noted “I can see myself going out with Antia because I had fun tonight. Like her personality, how she reacts to things. You say something that another person would just be like ‘hmm,’ and she’s like ‘HUH!?’ It’s a really fun vibe to be around.”

Antia said that she found Micah to be really sweet, interesting and hot. “We love us some blondies,” she says.

About a month later Micah and Antia reconnected at an art show where Micah was bartending. Micah said he was glad to see her and thought she looked really cute.

Micah was keeping busy slinging drinks, but Antia wanted to talk more with him. Hayden says that since the first meeting, Antia has been mentioning Micah.

Antia did’t know if Micah knew she was going to be at the event, but she says he seemed excited to see her again.

During one of Antia’s attempts to catch up with Micah, Kapeesh suspiciously interrupted by asking where he could through away his very full glass of water. It was an odd moment that seemed to initially divert Micah’s attention away from Antia.

“He c**kblocked me right there!” Antia complained about Kapeesh’s interjection. She also said that she would definitely say yes if Micah asked her out. “He’s just very cute,” she says. “I just want to have a one-on-one conversation with him.”

Later, she gets to spend more time with Micah where she tells him he looks like Brad Pitt. Micah told her that’s not the first time he’s heard that comparison.

Micah tells the cameras, rather coyly, “I kind of like Antia, she’s fun.” It sounds like he’s being noncommittal, and his on-screen romance with Antia feels a lot like his previous on-screen romance with Helena, which went nowhere.

Micah met Helena at his first modeling gig at a boutique store and since that meeting she came back periodically for awkward screen time.

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