Why do Kody and Robyn Brown have an RV on their property? Is that Dayton?! SISTER WIVES

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have a camper at their house. Is Dayton living in it?

On this week’s episode of Sister Wives, viewers get a rare peek inside Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s mansion on the hill known as Brownton Abbey when the family shares their stay-at-home trick-or-treating event for their youngest kids, Solomon and Ariella.

In addition to the interesting things we see inside the house (more on that in a minute), there was also a very interesting thing that some observant viewers spotted outside the house.

I’m not sure who was the first to post about this online, but I first saw mention of it via Sarah Howes and @RealiteaSquad on Instagram. There are a couple brief moments while Solomon and Ariella are trick or treating that you can see a figure in a black hooded robe and mask (much like a ninja costume) seemingly coming out of an RV that is parked behind Brownton Abbey.

Here is a screen grab from the “Coronapocalypse” episode:
Sister Wives Is Robyn Brown's son Dayton Brown livingin a camper on their property?

In a previous episode featuring scenes filmed outside Robyn’s house, viewers first noticed the rather large camper parked on the property. The camper took up a large part of the background as Mykelti and her husband Tony paid a visit to Brownton Abbey. Here are a couple screen shots of the “Outback Kargaroo” RV:
Sister wives Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have a large RV on their property

I will also include this satellite image of Brownton Abbey, which shows the RV as well as what appears to be three other structures/vehicles:
Sister Wives Robyn and Kody Brown's house satellite photo

The “Coronapocalypse” scenes at Brownton Abbey were clearly shot by the Brown family as they were still recovering from COVID, so initial speculation that the camper might belong to the production crew seems unlikely — although not impossible.

So, what are the other possible reasons for the camper? Especially since Kody and Robyn have both been very open about their disdain for RV living?

Sister Wives Robyn Brown says she doesn't think anyone should have to live in a trailer

Is Dayton Living In An RV?

Robyn Brown’s 22-year-old son Dayton Brown still lives with her and Kody at Brownton Abbey, but apparently he has declined to film for the current season. Many viewers assume that the robed figure is Dayton, which I would say is extremely likely. During the trick-or-treating scenes, we see all of the other family members in their costumes, so unless there was someone present that wasn’t a member of the family, that only leaves Dayton.

Could it be that Dayton is living in the RV?! If so, that must have been an interesting conversation with Kody and Robyn! Maybe Dayton wanted his own place and the only way that Kody and Robyn would help out financially is if he stayed on the grounds of Brownton Abbey? This is just wild speculation, ya’ll!

Of course, it could just be that Dayton was providing one more door for Sol and Ari to knock on to get candy. After all, Aurora was in the trunk of her car handing out candy, and we know that isn’t where she is currently living/quarantining.

I want to be clear that we do not know what the Browns use the RV for, or even if it belongs to them. It would seemingly be extremely audacious of Kody to buy an RV for himself and Robyn after giving Janelle such a hard time for buying one. Of course, Audacious seems to be Kody’s middle name over the past few years!

Perhaps the RV belongs to Kody’s gun-running buddy Brian and the Browns merely store it when it’s more convenient to have it in Flagstaff? Maybe Kody and Robyn started requiring their nanny to live on the property to avoid potential COVID exposure?

Or… maybe the camper really does belong to production. Since they aren’t allowed to film inside, I assume they have the same issues as Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s producers in terms of using the bathroom, etc. when filming. It’s not too crazy that they would keep one there year-round for whenever they shoot the rare Brownton Abbey exterior scenes.

Other Interesting Things At Robyn’s House

In addition to the mysterious camper ninja, there were several other interesting things that I spotted while watching the Brownton Abbey scenes from “Coronapocalypse.” (I’m 100% sure that is the first time that sentence has ever been written!)

Sister Wives Kody and Robyn Brown's house now has a window AC
1. Why in the world would a million-dollar house need a window air conditioner installed?! It’s clear from previous scenes shot at Brownton Abbey that the second-story window unit is a new addition. Perhaps that is the ladder used to install it seen in the foreground of the screen grab?

I also noticed that there was a fan in the middle of a hallway:
Robyn Brown floor fan

Could it be that Kody and Robyn are trying to avoid using central air conditioning for some reason? Perhaps their HVAC system went down and they couldn’t afford to fix it due to how much they spent on their nanny camper, wholesale gun supplies, and geodes?

Kody and Robyn Brown geodes
2. I don’t know ANYTHING about geodes, but that purple one in the entryway looks like it would be expensive?

Robyn Brown house clutter
3. There are SOOOOO many boxes and bags laying around Robyn’s house! And this is when Kody and Robyn knew they would be filming! Who knows what it usually looks like, or what it looks like in the rooms we don’t see!

Actually, you see in the bottom windows in some of the exterior shots, and it is… more boxes!
Kody Brown's boxes at Robyn's house

4. The sexy Kody and Robyn sports car photo has a new home!
Sister Wives Robyn and Kody Brown sexy convertible photo

If you made it this far and you enjoyed all the obscure Sister Wives references, jokes, and speculation, then I STRONGLY suggest you become a frequent visitor of the r/TLCSisterWives subreddit! I don’t normally say that, but this post is SUCH a reddit post! 😂

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