PHOTOS Who is Jake T. Austin dating? New girlfriend in mystery kiss revealed

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The Jake T. Austin dating mystery has been solved: it’s fangirl Danielle Caesar! The second-biggest Jake T. Austin-related question out there (the first, of course, is “Why did Jake T. Austin leave The Fosters?”) finally has an answer, thanks to some intrepid sleuthing and the unrivaled gossip-power of the internet.

Late last week, hordes of Jake T. Austin fans squealed in unison when the 21-year-old former TV star shared a rather candid photo of a kiss between himself and an unknown woman. The pic is one of the most popular on the Jake T. Austin Instagram page…

I’m crazy for her. ?

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…but the out-of-nowhere Jake T. Austin girlfriend update left fans breathless with curiosity. Who is Jake T. Austin dating? How long have they been dating? And how serious are things? Unfortunately, this couple is keeping it on the super-down-low for now. A recent report, though, was able to confirm that Jake T. Austin’s girlfriend is named Danielle Caesar. And, while Caesar’s social media profiles are private, her Instagram bio does reveal that she’s a native of New York City, which is also Austin’s hometown. In addition, it’s believed that this is Caesar’s Twitter profile–of all the women named “Danielle Caesar” currently on Twitter, she’s the only one whose tweets are protected. But her page does feature two photos: a cover pic of the New York City skyline, and a mostly-hidden shot of Caesar herself: Jake T Austin girlfriend 4 Looks like her belly-button ring is intact, though 😉 Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from the young couple very soon!  

UPDATE: Turns out that the photo above is indeed of Danielle Caesar. We know because the couple decided to go ahead and break the story themselves! Danielle Caesar is the name of Jake T. Austin’s girlfriend, and her social media profiles have since gone public–so that she could confirm she’s dating Jake!

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite ? A photo posted by ∂αиιєℓℓє ? (@danielle_ceasar) on

Is Danielle Caesar an aspiring actress? A hot young singing talent? A set designer with an eye for life behind the lens? Nope–Danielle is simply a huge fan of Jake’s work, and has followed (and gushed over) him on Twitter for years. As first reported by Capital FM, a few years ago, he followed her back, and things blossomed from there. That’s right: the girl at the bottom of the Jake T. Austin dating rumors isn’t a fellow former TV star–she’s a long-time fan!


A photo posted by ∂αиιєℓℓє ? (@danielle_ceasar) on

  (Photo credits: Jake T. Austin dating via Instagram)

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