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The Fosters musical episode spoilers and photos

Inklings of rumors about a Fosters musical episode have been trickling 'round the net ever since the cast started to do publicity for the second half of The Fosters Season Three. Thanks to that publicity–and some handy social media updates–we now have a fair idea of just what the Fosters musical episode will contain. Warning: there are, indeed, spoilers ahead...

The Fosters cast explains why Jake T. Austin left the show ahead of Season Three premiere

The "Jake T. Austin The Fosters" speculation has been thick in the air for almost a full year, thanks to the 21-year-old former TV star's quick and shocking exit from the popular show. His character Jesus Foster was almost completely absent from the first half of Season Three; now that Freeform (former ABC Family) is set to debut the second half of the season, some of the show's cast has begun to shed light on the Jesus mystery.

PHOTOS Noah Centineo steps into big shoes as Jesus on The Fosters

Noah Centineo is a controversial figure for fans of ABC Family / Freeform's hit show The Fosters. Though it's no fault of his own: Centineo stepped in at the halfway break for The Fosters Season Three to take over the role of Jesus from Jake T. Austin, who left the show abruptly–and, some would say, painfully–at the end of Season Two. Fosters fans seem divided about the new addition to the cast, but the rest of Centineo's castmates say the show's audience just needs to get a chance to know the lad.