16 & Pregnant’s Jordan Howard insists that her mom is not a racist

16 & Pregnant's Jordan Howard and Tyler Zeplin

This week’s focus of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant is on Jordan Howard from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In the preview for the 4th season as well as her introductory teaser clip from MTV she states that her mother has a problem with her boyfriend and baby-daddy Tyler Zeplin partially because he’s white.

In our exploratory intro on Jordan we unearthed some papers that featured court cases online listing Jordan Howard and Tyler Zeplin as plaintiff and defendant including an apparent custody battle and a “protection from abuse” hearing. But the focused drama-filled moment that has been teased from MTV is the idea that her mother, Kelly, has a problem with Tyler because he’s white.

This is the direct quote from Jordan in the above clip:

“My friends understand why I like Tyler but my mom doesn’t get it. She doesn’t like that I’m dating a white guy and she won’t even let him in our house.”

Of course these clips and sometimes entire episodes just give you part of the picture. Jordan has taken to her Twitter and Facebook to diffuse the notion that her mom is a racist. Here’s what she tweeted:

And here is a comment from her Official Facebook Fan Page:

In another clip provided by MTV you see Jordan and her mom get in to it after her baby shower. It’s kind of a power struggle and Jordan gets frustrated and calls Tyler to come pick her up.

Perhaps Tuesday’s episode will help clear this up! Remember we’ll be live tweeting during the episode so join us for some Twitter hi-jinks via our official page here.