RHBH Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy mansion on the market for $29 million – photos of the lush pad

Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump's $29 million house for sale

Lisa Vanderpump,  Giggilo pup Giggy The Pom, and husband Ken are putting their house/mansion/villa on the market for $29 million, and fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio is their real estate agent.

This place is insane! It’s got 7 bedroom, 1 bathrooms, a wall-to-wall black pool room, and a closet bigger than most people’s houses. Aside from the dense black room, most of the house is done up in various shades of white, gray, silver, and pink. After looking at the sheet size of this place, it’s obvious why they always carry Giggy around (despite the fact that he’s royalty and stuff): if they set him down he might get lost in that massive house and never be found again! They’d have to call in extra gay houseguests just to form a search team.

Lisa claims empty nest syndrome for their reason to sell, and originally wanted $35 million.

Mauricio, obviously, specializes in very high end homes, and was once the real estate agent for Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife Camille before Camille got in a delusional fight with his wife Kyle.

Where Lisa keeps her Hermès and Louboutins:

Lisa Vanderpump's massive closet and jewelry table

Lisa’s pink bafroom:

The black pool room:

Source: 50 Beverly Park Estate, Real Estalker