PHOTOS Teen Mom 2’s Jo Rivera and Vee share sonograms, Vee announces online shop

Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera and Vee Vetzabe Torres baby sonogram

Earlier this month it was revealed that Teen Mom 2 couple Jo Rivera and Vetzabe “Vee” Torres are expecting their first child together, and on Thursday Jo and Vee shared the first photos of their little one in the form of sonograms!

Teen Mom 2 Jo and pregnant Vee sonogram March 2015

Jo shared the photo above on Twitter and wrote, “Meet my second child!” He then tweeted, “What a thing of beauty.” We took the liberty of zooming in on the series of sonogram photos at the bottom — Our favorites are the ones on the right in which little baby JoVee is framed in a heart shape. 🙂

Jo Rivera and pregnant girlfriend Vee Torres sonogram photos

Vee also shared a sonogram of her VERY tiny baby as well as a photo of herself just before (or possibly just after?) getting the ultrasound on Instagram:

Vee Vetzabe Torres Instagram sonogram

“Met my little squishy today,” Vee wrote. “He/she was dancing all over the place – it was magical! But boy do they grow fast, last time I saw looked like a little nugget. I am so amazed can’t wait to put all these pics in my scrapbook.”

And that scrapbook promises to be quite impressive because Vee’s got craft skillz yo! She announced on Friday that she will soon be launching her own online store (Can you say Vetzabe Storres?) along with a couple of examples:

Teen Mom 2 Vee Vetzabe Torres IG online shop

“Soo excited to announce I am opening my IG shop this weekend!” Vee wrote in the photo caption. “I will be taking orders weekly so be sure to email me as soon as I open up shop! All info will be posted on the IG shop page. I will post it on this personal account first so you all can add it & pass on the word! Will be working on giveaways & collaborating with other IG shops as well. Going to be a fun, creative, one of a kind shop.

As for the items in the photo, Vee wrote, “Just made these gems – Top is perfect for a baby girls nursery! (Can be customized) Bottom pic is for expecting mommas – PERFECT for a maternity shoot! (Can be customized as well)

Since the pregnancy reveal, which actually happened a little earlier than Vee would have liked courtesy of a leak, the mom to be has been quite open sharing details on her pregnancy via Twitter and Instagram — and the results are pretty entertaining! Check out these photos along with Vee’s captions, including her proudly eschewing one of the greatest oppressors of expectant moms: pants!

Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres nude fromt he waist down with no pants
“I’ve been pants-less for the past 2 hours and I just don’t care. #NudeEverything”

Vee Vetzabe Torres prenatal and makeup
“Getting ready – makeup & prenatals.”

Morning sickness meme graphic
“So true I can’t help but laugh.”

Unfortunately, it appears as though Vee plans on cutting most of us off once the baby comes because she doesn’t want to deal with the inevitable negativity. (A growing trend for parents in the public eye, and I can’t say that I blame them.) “Sorry, but once our baby comes my profile will be strictly for my family & friends,” Vee wrote on her Instagram account just after the pregnancy announcement. “Don’t need anyone’s negativity in mine or my families life! To everyone that’s been supportive so far thank you so much we love you! Everybody else…. Well we love you too!”

Stay tuned – we should still be getting updates for the next six months or so at least! 🙂

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