Amber Scaggs and Corey Simms Teen Mom article in OK! magazine

OK! magazine cover from May 30 2011 with Teen Mom Leah Messer, Corey Simms and Amber Scaggs

The new issue of OK! magazine is out and as many expected the main cover story is about Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer and her soon-to-be ex-husband Corey Simms’ new girlfriend Amber Scaggs – a story that we broke last Friday.

The cover actually implies Leah is pregnant again with the headline “LEAH’S SHOCK: ANOTHER TEEN MOM BABY (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW).” That is followed by: “PLUS Corey starts a second family with a new woman and child.” As it turns out both stories are the same as the “Another Teen Mom” baby they are referring to is Amber’s daughter Braylin.

So what light does the article shed on the relationship? Everything seems to line up with our previous stories with a few added details including a phone call from Corey to Amber from Wal-Mart asking for parenting advice:

“Amber told me that Corey called her from Walmart one night,” a friend says. “His girls were scheduled to spend the night at his house, so he checked in with Amber to ask if he had everything he needed to make sure that his girls were happy. Amber had to laugh because he was just to cute.”

The magazine does its usual job of exaggerating with sentences like, “[Leah’s] estranged husband, Corey Simms, has a new girlfriend, Amber Scaggs — and it’s so serious that he’s ready to become a father to her 11-month-old daughter.”

Amber’s friend offers some insight into Amber’s opinion of Leah, which is interesting. “She doesn’t dislike or think anything negative about Leah,” the friend states. “Amber isn’t the kind of person to pass judgment on someone she has never physically met.”

The magazine also got some quotes from Amber Scaggs herself about the relationship. In the article she is quoted as saying , “I’m the last person who would ever break up a family.” She goes on, “you can’t break something that is already broken. Leah filed for divorce from Corey. That’s clearly saying, ‘I don’t want to be with you.'”

Later she adds a bit about Corey’s situation saying, “He has a lot on his plate, so the future is uncertain.” And she adds, “Still, I’ll be a very lucky girl to build something with Corey.”

To find out more from Amber and her friend be sure to pick up the May 30 issue of OK! magazine on newsstands now!

Meanwhile, all is silent on the Corey and Leah front (aside from a few angry comments and inspirational song lyrics from Leah on Twitter), due in large part to their contractual obligations with MTV. But, I can’t imagine Corey will be able to dodge a lot of these questions when he appears on the Teen Mom Teen Dads Special with Dr. Drew scheduled to tape May 29!

Be sure to check out our interview with Amber Scaggs in which she addresses some misinformation about her on the web as well as her take on Teen Mom fans looking to make her out to be a villain.