PHOTOS Sexiest man alive unveils sexiest soup strainer alive

Bradley Cooper unveils a mustache at the Oscars

While the world lauded the silent film The Artist last night at the Oscars it was the sexiest man alive’s soup strainer that spoke volumes during Hollywood’s big day.

Yes, Bradley Cooper dropped a Tom Selleck on all of us by unveiling a delicious cookie duster as he presented some technical awards alongside Tina Fey. His mouth eyebrow sent a high percentage of the female twitter population reeling last night and best I can tell most were not on board with the new snoot drapes.

Brosephs who were hoping that Cooper might begin a trend of resurrecting the ‘stache did let their support be known but their numbers sadly paled in comparison.

Bradley Cooper reinvents the mustache

So what say you of Bradley’s new look? Are you hoping this was just a movie role necessity that will soon be gone or are you hunting down old Magnum P.I. episodes and longing for a return to the mustache glory days?

In non-facial hair related Cooper news the actor did state on the red carpet that he hopes there will be a Hangover 3. That would be cool, just not as cool as that ‘stache… Amirite!?!

Photos: Jen Lowery / Splash News