PHOTOS Britney Spears flashes her butt and her K-Fed dice tattoo

Sometimes I think Britney sacrifices her dignity on purpose just to keep the world entertained. Her latest sacrifice was to wear a flowing dress/shirt that was about two inches too short for walking up steps with the paparazzi on your tail and then she selflessly walked up steps with the paparazzi on her tail.

Thanks Britney! I know you brightened my evening with your lunar glow! Seeing a beautiful (almost) moon like that rekindles my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut (asstronaut?).

Of course she could have been filming a video for her new follow-up single to the controversial “If U Seek Amy” called “If U Seem Eyeass.”

Also revealed on Britney’s milkshake run to Johnny Rockets was her tattoo tribute to her marriage with Kevin Federline in the form of two misshapen red dice:

Britney Spears red dice wrist tattoo

(You can see Federline’s matching blue pair (heh heh – “blue pair”) HERE.

And one more parting shot of Britney’s crescent…

Photos: FAME Pictures