PHOTOS Kelly Brook’s bikini homage to Princess Leia, Barbarella and more

Kelly Brook as Princess Leia

Is there any doubt the folks at Total Film magazine are huge movie geeks? They bring in one of the sexiest women on the planet (Kelly Brook) for a photo shoot and they dress her up in some of the most iconic movie bikini costumes of all time! I’m not talking “glamorous” or “pretty” bikinis, but the 100% raw, poster-inducing sexified babe wear that turned film-going boys into film-going men!

Above is Kelly Brook recreating the cult-forming image of Princess Leia in her slave scene with Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. (Much better than the Leia tribute from Jersey Shore’s Angelina!)

Next up is Kelly dressed as Raquel Welch’s cave woman character Loana from One Million Years B.C. (The scientific name is hetero erectus.) (Slightly better than Sarah Palin’s Raquel ode.)

Kelly Brook as Raquel Welch from One Million B.C.

And lets not forget that before she was aerobicising and being Mrs. Ted Turner, Jane Fonda was one of the biggest sex icons on the planet, a fact exploited beautifully in the 1968 Sci-Fine classic Barbarella:

Kelly Brook as Barbarella

As if that weren’t enough, Total Film has also put out a “making of” video in which you get to see Kelly’s infamous curves in motion as she transitions from one of your boyhood posters to another seamlessly:

Be sure to check out the new issue of Total Film magazine! Not only do they have more of Kelly Brook, they’ve also revamped their look and packed in 200 pages of movie buff stuff including:

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Total Film magazine issue 170

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Kelly Brook photos: Total Film / Randall Slavin