VIDEO: Dita Von Teese is the new face and BODY of Perrier

Sultry model and pin-up girl extraordinaire Dita Von Teese is the new face and BODY of Perrier.  The following ad you are about to see is SFW but is most certainly not SFAWAHC, safe for anyone with a heart condition!  This is just part one of a planned global campaign featuring Dita for the bubbly water.

Before I witnessed the following video there were two things I thought I was sure of .  I did not believe that Dita Von Teese could get any hotter and I didn’t think I would ever drink Perrier.  Well I was wrong about Dita and now I feel obligated to try Perrier just out of gratitude for this smoking ad.

At the recently launched and interactive website for the campaign you can navigate yourself through a maze of Von Teese teasers and traps.  It is a fantastic and gorgeous site that is worthy of having Dita as the representative mistress of the night.  Perrier you have outdone yourself!

Here is another still image from the ad if you can handle it:

And one more for good measure(ments):

Thank you Dita and thank you Perrier for your contribution to the global marketplace.