TEEN MOM 2 Jeremy Calvert and girlfriend Desi Kibler have apparently split

Jeremy Calvert and girlfriend Desi Kibler break up

Less than two months after going public with their relationship, it appears as though Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert and his girlfriend Desi Kibler have broken up.

As is often the case with Jeremy break ups, the news comes via a non-specific social media post. This time around, Jeremy made the announcement with a meme about how being an amazingly awesome person will only result in being stabbed in the back by the one you love:

Jeremy Calvert break up meme

“F**king aye!!!!!!” Jeremy captioned the drawing. (Remember, it’s only assumed the photo is in reference to his relationship with Desi — especially given all of the other indications listed below. It’s also possible that Jeremy is talking about how bad The Walking Dead is now, or perhaps his cellular provider raised his rates or something similar. 😉 )

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Jeremy’s account underwent a major overhaul. He swapped out his banner image kissing Desi for a photo with daughter Addie, and he changed his pro-love bio to a slightly less optimistic bio: “f**k it when u try all ya do is get f**ked so it’s pointless…”

Here are some screen caps of Jeremy Calvert’s Twitter page from both June 6 and today:

Teen Mom 2 Jeremy Calvert Twitter before after break up with girlfriend Desi Kibler

The break up was actually first hinted at by Double DUI Desi, who tweet ‘n’ deleted a couple messages that suggested her plans of marrying and having children with Jeremy may have been derailed.

“If you’re going to act single then be single,” she tweeted on Wednesday. Hours later, she added: “I have a type. Faithful and trustworthy.”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Desi wrote: “If they aren’t worried about you, and how you feel, lose um ✌?”

After the tweets were deleted, though, Desi’s timeline soon began to fill back up with lovey dovey messages — including a photo of a bouquet of flowers that Jeremy sent her. Unlike Jeremy, Desi didn’t opt to give her Twitter account an overhaul today, instead choosing to delete it entirely.

However, this is Jeremy that we’re talking about, and he has quite the track record when it comes to giving relationships a second, third, fourth, and fifth try. So don’t give up completely, all you #Desemy fans out there!

This could be completely unrelated, but I should point out that one of the preview clips for next week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 features Leah Messer talking with her sister Victoria about some texts she recently received from Jeremy wanting to meet up. Leah’s unsure why, and Victoria suggests that he may want to get back together. “I sure as Hell hope not,” says Leah. Ouch.

I can’t imagine the preview was enough to set Desi off, but Jeremy had similar issues because of Teen Mom 2 scenes with his ex Brooke Wehr, so who knows?

UPDATE – Jeremy responded to this article on Twitter and clarified that “nothing about the show had a thing to do with this.” Here’s his tweet:

He also shared a humble reflection on the break up:

People f**k up, I have plenty of times in my life and I’m not afraid to say it, but now at this point in my life im not settling for second place in someone’s life. Unless they already have a child then it’s understandable.

It will be interesting to see if Jenelle Eason decides to follow up on her previous comments about Jeremy and Desi once she finds out they have split up. If that happens, something tells me that Jeremy will be even less restrained than usual with his response(s). Stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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