GYPSY SISTERS Mellie Stanley sentenced for coupon scam, reportedly pregnant again

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley mug shots

Former Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley was sentenced last week in Kentucky after accepting a plea deal stemming from her 2017 arrest for a multi-state coupon scam in which she and her husband (at the time) George Lee reportedly redeemed roughly $18,000 worth of counterfeit coupons at various Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us locations in multiple states.


According to TMZ, Mellie pleaded guilty to felony counts of theft by deception and criminal possession of a forged instrument and managed to escape serving any additional time behind bars. “Andrea Williams, the prosecutor for the Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney, tells TMZ … the judge gave Mellie 5 years probation during Friday’s sentencing hearing.”


As part of Mellie’s probation terms, she will be required to get her GED. (It was previously reported that Mellie had passed her GED while still behind bars back in February of last year, but that was apparently not true.)

In addition to having to pass the GED, “Mellie must meet with her probation officer, she can’t own a firearm, she has to stay away from drugs and alcohol, she’ll be tested for substance abuse, and she’s got to cough up the dough for all the items she stole with bogus coupons — a cool $18,075,” TMZ reports. I would assume that Mellie’s estranged husband George would be on the hook for half of that amount?


If you’re curious to know more about the coupon scheme, here is an excerpt from one of our previous posts about just one of the instances:

Mellie and others (names and how many are not stated) allegedly entered the Clarksville, Tennessee Toys “R” Us store on November 22 where Mellie presented a clerk with “counterfeit coupons on her phone, with modified bar codes.” There were reportedly seven coupons, each valued at $300 each, which were then used to purchase gift cards and merchandise totaling $2,412. Mellie was reportedly identified based on surveillance camera footage.

And another excerpt with a brief timeline of Mellie’s arrests stemming from the allegations:

Mellie and her estranged husband George Lee have been accused of creating counterfeit coupons for use at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores, which reportedly netted the couple more than $18,000 in merchandise. She was initially apprehended in Louisiana on December 6 on a warrant issued in Kentucky. After being extradited to Kentucky two weeks later, Mellie was later released on bond early last month. Tennessee then issued their own warrant for Mellie’s arrest and she was picked up in Indiana on March 19.


Avoiding additional time behind bars was apparently REALLY great news for Mellie because she is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child. Mellie made the “announcement” by sharing an image on Facebook asking what your pattern of children is with a pink heart being a girl, a blue heart being a boy, and a purple heart being pregnant. Mellie captioned the image with “????”

The GypsyGossip2 Public Facebook page later confirmed Mellie’s pregnancy, revealing that she took a home pregnancy test and a blood test at her doctor revealing she was just three weeks along.

Here is a photo of Mellie with her new fiance MJ:

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley new fiance M.J.

Mellie’s cousin Jett also confirmed Mellie is pregnant again when she chimed in on a Facebook catfight between Mellie and MJ’s ex. Mellie posted a photo of MJ holding her daughter Divinity Rose as both were sound asleep in the bed and captioned it by writing: “Rose as her dad sleeping I love this picture.”

The photo sparked this VERY Gypsy Sisters-ish exchange between Mellie, MJ’s ex, MJ’s mom, MJ’s aunt, and Jett:

MJ’S EX: Right in the bed where I f***ed him all the time!!!!! Good Daddy

MELLIE: awww u mad lol ? guess whose f***ing and sucking him on that bed now. Guess I’ll screen shot this and send it to ****** u are so obsessed wit mj it ain’t funny please stop calling his phone and stop stalking us lol

MJ’S MOM: get her my girl?

MJ’S EX: you are a nasty old drunk I just think it’s funny he still has the same bed and same bed sheets lmfao!!!!!

MJ’S MOM: drunk really!! Lmao you mad…

MJ’S AUNT: you bad mouth my sister one more time girl you gunna eat those teeth you have no idea when you f*** with this family leave my nephew alone that’s your only warning!

MELLIE: LoL sorry I can count the times my mother in law been in a bar since I been with mj and same bed sheets lol might be same color but not same bed sheet and of course same bed why we gonna go buy another bed y’all was breaking in for me so I was comfortable when he f***ed me btw thanks for keeping it warm while he was looking for his true love

JETT: and this is mellie cousin she is pregnant by him as we speak n can’t do sh*t to harm her self or baby! But guess what ! She has plenty of family that will! ? So best thing u can do I’d remove urself sweetie! Not only from stalking [Mellie’s] page but from mj’s life stop bringing him up he doesn’t want no parts of you! Ur a disgrace and he knows it! And he regrets and doesn’t even know what he was thinking lol to even give u the time of day! And my girl do you realize what u look like? And what mellie looks like! Do u think for a second u stand a chance? Girl u got another thing coming! You may be a little mind struck that because u just realized that now that he’s with mellie and he will never pick or choose u over her! Girl u better hit the mirror and a gym! He mind f***ed now he’s so wrapped up and around mellies little finger! U will forever be forgotten at this point only option u have is to move on now! Mellie leaves a spell on men! And he will forever from the day they met til the end of time be mind f***ed over mellie! Ur DONE! No take ur jealous a** and move on! You did know jealousy is a illness WELL let us wish u well first! Get well soon b*tch! You said good daddy yes very good! Matters a fact! Now a for real baby daddy! And gonna be a great DADDY! At that! If u need to speak to someone for counseling contact Martinsburg city hospital n let them now u have major jealousy issues that u cannot face! They help ppl like u! ✌️

MELLIE: She’s obsessed with mj and wishing for [MJ’s son to] die b*tch go put your fat a** daughter on a diet cause I promise u for talking about Logan you will eat those words I haven’t forgot. U got it coming baby girl

MJ’S AUNT: This girl has no clue what she is getting into but she will learn if she keeps running that mouth we dont hide behind Facebook remember that girl

Those Gypsy Sisters don’t play! I had forgotten how tame the social media drama is between most reality stars!


Unfortunately, Mellie shared a post Saturday that seems to hint that she and MJ might be having some relationship issues. “So over a man that pretends they love u but can never own up to be wrong. So aggravated and done,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, M.J. posted a text graphic that reads: “Nothing loses my interest faster than somebody lying to me.” Mellie responded in the comments: “I hate you.”

If you’re curious about the custody situation with Mellie’s three other children, it appears as though she has custody of her almost-six-year-old son Richie and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Divinity Rose. But, her four-year-old daughter Brandy is reportedly in the custody of Brandy’s grandparents on her father’s side.

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