PHOTOS Is Adam Lind married? He’s got a ring and Stasia Huber is wearing a ‘Wife’ shirt

Stasia Huber Adam Lind married

As the Teen Mom 2niverse anxiously awaits the untelevised fairy tale wedding between Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, it appears as though Chelsea’s ex, Adam Lind, may have beaten her the altar! Adam posted a couple photos this week in which he can clearly be seen wearing a ring on his left ring finger, and his super-fit girlfriend/fiancee/wife Stasia Huber recently posted a photo kissing Adam in which she is holding a bottle of wine and wearing a shirt with “Wife” printed in large letters across the front!

Here are the two photos of Adam sporting a ring:

Adam Lind wedding ring

Adam Lind married

And here is Stasia in her “Wife” shirt:

Stasia Huber Adam Lind married

Stasia’s not-so-subtle photo seems to be referencing a previous photo posted (then deleted) by Adam in April in which Stasia appears to be wearing an engagement ring:

Adam Lind engaged Stasia Huber

The photo spawned engagement rumors and media posts, even though Stasia is clearly wearing the ring in question on her right hand. (You can tell from the tattoos on Adam’s arm that it is his left arm, which means the photo is not flipped.) Even so, I can’t help but think Stasia was having a little fun referencing the photo because it did cause a stir.

Stasia’s loving caption for the picture, which was posted on Monday, seems to suggest some sort of eventful weekend:

Had such a wonderful time this weekend with this man. From the long crazy trip in the rain, to opening up to our friends about everything together, to staying up talking for hours after sunrise, to every smile and kiss and laugh… ? I love you @adamjoelind

Meanwhile, Stasia recently opened up about why fans haven’t seen her on the show — and why they won’t be any time soon. “You won’t be seeing me, I refuse to film,” Stasia explained to a fan. “They ask every time and I or Adam always have to tell them I’m not filming.” That was followed by this comment and Stasia’s response:

COMMENTER: Is there a reason that you don’t want to be filmed? Or is it just hat you want to keep your life private and don’t want all the issues that come with it. I applaud you for not filming. I think it shows that you are your own person and you keep your life private. I like that about you! ?

STASIA: Nothing good would come of it. I don’t want to publicly put myself out there just to be criticized. I knew Adam before I even knew about the show. I like to keep our relationship between us and we have lives outside of the show I don’t think MTV needs to be involved with. I like to keep things simple.

Well, it seems Stasia and Adam can add an “extreme disdain for Teen Mom 2” to the list of things they have in common! I will hold off on offering up congratulations on their nuptials unti it is confirmed they actually exchanged vows.

UPDATE – Stasia has since confirmed she and Adam are engaged with a series of photos showing off her engagement ring. As for being married, that is still possible, but unconfirmed:

A lifetime together isn't long enough ❤ @adamjoelind

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