PHOTOS Chelsea Houska gets botox from dad Randy Houska, Jeremy Calvert pops in

Chelsea Houska botox party main

Chelsea Houska’s weekend barbecue with friends took an odd turn when her dad Randy Houska showed up with botox! And that wasn’t the only surprise, as her party was crashed by Teen Mom 2 co-star (and Leah Messer’s ex) Jeremy Calvert!?

The wacky and wild South Dakota weekend festivities all played out on social media, as Chelsea first revealed her BBQ party plans with a great “Kabob making dance party” lip sync Instagram video:

Kabob making dance party

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Later on Saturday, Chelsea updated fans on Instagram with a photo revealing her dad was turning the kebob barbecue into a botox injection party:

Chelsea Houska botox injections party

More on the botox in a minute…

You will notice in the photo that Jeremy Calvert is among those enjoying Botoxapalooza. (It is unknown if he opted to get a little brotox himself.) Chelsea announced Jeremy’s arrival with this photo on Snapchat:

Jeremy Calvert Chelsea Houska Snapchat

And Jeremy posed for this selfie with Chelsea on Instagram, in which it appears as though Chelsea is REALLY enjoying the botoxecue!

Jeremy Calvert Chelsea Houska together in South Dakota

It’s not clear just why Jeremy was in South Dakota, although it is assumed that the reason was work-related, since he has to travel a lot for his job.

OK, back to the botox! If you’re like me, you are probably a little surprised to find out Chelsea Houska is receiving botox injections when she is only 24 years old. And, if you’re like me, then you are also surprised to find out that Dr. Randy Houska (a dentist) is giving botox injections!

Chelsea Houska botox After doing a little research, I discovered that neither of these things are shocking. “Preventative” botox injections are safe, and the general consensus among professionals is that they can help prevent the development of wrinkles. If you are 24 “with finely etched lines—even when [your] skin is relaxed,” then you are a candidate, says New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo in a Vogue article about preventative botox injections.

More from that article:

At her New York City practice, Patricia Wexler, M.D., receives a steady stream of inquiries on the subject. She agrees that neurotoxin injections, administered at the first signs of visible wrinkles, “can certainly stop the clock, and the frequency and dose will be lower if you begin [using it] when you begin seeing evidence of damage.” But starting too early, she adds, can have its own set of drawbacks. “I have women that don’t have any lines coming in and asking for Botox in their forehead and their crow’s-feet because they don’t want to get any,” she says, warning: “If you don’t see any lines when your face is at rest, then doing Botox is not preventative. It’s presumptive.”

Having botox injections can also help curb potential wrinkle-inducing habits such as frowning often and/or scrunching your forehead.

Randy Houska botox

As far as Randy Houska administering the botox injections, that is something his dental clinic has been doing for a while, and he is a seasoned pro at it. Something else Randy is a seasoned pro at is defending himself on social media — which he did before the issue of a dentist administering botox even came up:

Here’s one of Chelsea’s friends showing off her botox forehead constellation after her injection session with PapaRandlicious:

Chelsea Houska friend botox

Well, I think we have our next activity when the moms all get together again: “The Teen Mom 2 Botox Party with Randy Houska,” hosted by Nessa.

Until then we’ll have to settle for new episodes of Teen Mom 2 airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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