Are the Fixer Upper clients happy? Magnolia Realty offers a chance at the Chip and Joanna lifestyle

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A series of sales by former Fixer Upper homeowners has given rise to a once-unthinkable question: Are the Fixer Upper clients happy? However, it isn’t an issue with the quality of Joanna and Chip’s work that has some families packing up and heading out for new digs. The show is so popular–and has been such a successful boon for Waco tourism–that thousands of people are showing up outside houses Chip and Jo have featured on the show, and are doing everything from take pictures and gawk to coming up to the front door, ringing the bell, and asking to have a look around the place.

Fixer Upper tourism, spearheaded by the Magnolia Silos and food truck court, draws approximately 20,000 visitors to downtown Waco every week, according to a recent article in the Waco Tribune. And all the associated sightseeing has become too much for some homeowners–such as woodworker extraordinaire Clint Harp, who has since moved his family into a more private location. “I feel like (the Harp House) is not ours,” he told the Tribune. “But in a good way. I don’t want that to stop. It’s such a fun thing. It’s brought joy to people and I love that.”

And, for Josh Barrett, who owns the Mid-Mod Home from Season 2 with his wife Jill, fan attention didn’t necessarily stop after he put the house up for rent. Josh said he once had the supremely odd experience of renting his home to some Fixer Upper fans in town on vacation–and then being invited by them to have dinner in his own house.

So far, there are seven Fixer Upper houses that fans can rent while vacationing in the greater Waco area. They are the Harp family home (“The Beast”) from Season 1; former soccer star Charmaine Hooper’s house, plus the Mailander house, also from Season 1; the mid-century modern from Season 2; and the Shotgun House, Chicken House, and infamous “Barndominum” from Season 3. (You can get full rental details in our feature article here.) Given that the show’s popularity has soared with each new season, it seems entirely possible (and unfortunate) that more Fixer Upper families could have put their markets on the show by the end of Season 4, which is set to debut shortly after Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a Chip and Joanna association for your latest Texas-based real estate endeavor, you’ve now got Magnolia Realty to consider. The statewide concern aims to help out potential buyers, sellers, or house flippers, and has offices in six of Texas’ biggest markets: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Temple, and–of course–Waco. Of the endeavor, Chip himself said, “Home is a big deal, which makes our job as realtors really important. And we don’t take a responsibility like that lightly.”

And, for those of us living in the other 49 states, Fixer Upper Season 4 airs Tuesday nights on HGTV beginning November 29th.

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