PHOTOS Chelsea Houska’s dog is missing, father’s barn burns down

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska with her missing pug Pixie

While the original Teen Moms scored the highest premiere in the series’ history Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska has been having a rough week. Her beloved pug Pixie (seen above) is missing and her father’s Vermillion, South Dakota barn burned down! It’s like drama just seeks these poor gals out.

In the case of her dad’s barn, Chelsea told Us that it was an accident caused by some kids who didn’t realize that lighting fireworks near dried out bales of hay might be a bad idea. I’m sure her dad is taking care of that situation just like he consistently helps out with Chelsea. Here’s a pic of the barn in flames!

As for poor Pixie as of this post she is still missing and Chelsea along with her daughter Aubree are pretty upset about it as you can imagine. Houska got the pug back when she was a sophomore in high school and considers her a “huge part of her family.” She’s been putting up lost dog posters around her home and is hopeful that she will be found. She tweeted the following example to her Twitter account:

Whewwww, I’m glad she had the foresight to mark out her number for the twit-pic. She doesn’t want that to be internet available. She further said of her Pixie pup, “She’s very important to our family, and we are all really attached to her and upset that she’s gone. Aubree and [Pixie] were best friends, and every time we come to my dad’s, the first thing Aubree says is, ‘Pixie!'”

We hope your week gets better Chelsea and that you and Aubree can locate her four-legged best friend! If you have any info on Pixie you can email

All photos via Chelsea’s Twitter account (she’s a good photo documentarian BTW).