PHOTOS Megan Fox shows things you can’t do with Botox

Megan Fox The 35th Toronto International Film Festival

Megan Fox and her foxiness has been one of the biggest targets of augmentation and surgery conspiracy theorists in modern tabloid history. Arguably the hottest hottie in Hollywood has adamantly denied having anything done to alter herself unnaturally.

Our own Fox research expert Asa made a detailed post about her bewbs and nose. His conclusion was that the evidence says yes to some nose work and a probable yes to the lady friends. Well Megan has come out with furled forehead firing to shoot down all these rumors via her Facebook page. Well actually she just went after Botox rumors which I wasn’t even aware existed. But if it’s Megan I’m sure someone’s ran a Mega Fox Botox piece or two.

UPDATE – As it turns out, Asa’s previously mentioned Pulitzer-worthy Megan Fox plastic surgery expose included an In Touch article from July of 2009 that has an insider who claims “Megan Fox had her Beverly Hills dermatologist come on set during filming of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to inject her eyebrows with botox.”

She put up three images with the lead in, “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.” One was her with forehead wrinkle free and then two all slap full of wrinkle action. I’ll do a side by side for each of the two scrunchy faces.

Megan Fox has not had Botox injections

That’s pretty funny Megan! Here’s the other pic and the one that is the real, “in your face that my face isn’t altered” shot once again alongside her unwrinkled pic:

Megan Fox proves she has not had Botox

You know looking at that last photo it looks like those lips have been a little Angelina Jolied if you…. Oh Okay I’ll stop it. I say well played Miss no Botox-Fox!

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