PHOTOS Amber Portwood’s new boyfriend Adam Dockery

Amber Portwood's reported new boyfriend Adam Dockery with a gun

Radar Online broke the story yesterday that Amber Portwood is reportedly dating a new man named Adam Dockery, an intern at the Studio X tattoo parlor where she got her infamous Leah tattoo done a few months ago.

“He worked as an intern at the tattoo shop where Amber got her Leah tattoo, and he has quite a lot of tattoos himself,” confirmed a source close to the young mom. “He seems like a good person. But is he good for her? No one knows yet.”

As you might have guessed, Adam is quite fond of tattoos and piercings and has lots of both all over his body, including this rather complicated and bizarre ear piercing combo:

Amber Portwood's boyfriend Adam Dockery's ear piercing

He also has a large tattoo in progress on his chest over his heart that looks a little familiar to me – what do you think?

Is that a Teen Mom Amber Portwood tattoo on her reported boyfriend Adam Dockery


All kidding aside, it sounds as though Adam and Amber are really hitting it off. Radar Online’s source says:

“He thinks she’s absolutely awesome and they’re really happy together. I know it sounds crazy but they’ve even already talked about a future together.

And Adam has posted things on his Facebook wall like:

thinks this girl is amazing

so, she’s been putting up wtih my sh!t. and i dont know why….she loves me (:

And it should be noted that when Adam isn’t taking funny pictures he cleans up pretty good:

Amber Portwood's reported new boyfriend tattoo artist Adam Dockery

But, the internet isn’t really about cleaning up pretty good is it? Nope, it’s about the funny pictures! So here’s Adam again wearing an inspirational message on his hat:

Amber Portwood's new boyfriend Adam Dockery wears an ex town drunk hat

I’m hopeful Amber is able to find happiness and maybe a good sense of humor is just what she needs. What do you think?