PHOTO Theresa Rogers Tiger Woods mistress 15!

40-year-old Theresa Rogers is the latest Tiger Woods mistress

Details are slowly emerging about Tiger Woods mistress number 15 thanks to her association with lawyer Gloria Allred. Radar Online reported that Allred had another Tiger mistress as a client last week, but her name wasn’t known until today.

That was quick! Julie Postle’s 15 minutes of fame lasted all of 15 minutes! 40-year-old Theresa is the oldest of Tiger’s transgressions and resides in Wellington, Florida. Here is a satellite view of her home, which normally would seem silly but this is a Tiger Woods mistress with only ONE known photo in existence! Us bloggers gotta do what we can!

Florida house belonging to Tiger Woods Mistress 15 Theresa Rogers

Just try to imagine Tiger under the roof transgressing.

Radar Online has a source that tells the site that “Rogers traveled with Tiger extensively during the past five years. She met him in various cities for sexual hookups. She is the only known woman to continue a relationship with him after he married.”

I’ve tried to track down another photo ANYWHERE but no luck. How is there an attractive blond woman out there that doesn’t have a photo on the internet? Anybody out there want to help a blogger out?

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