Why did Courtney Love lose legal custody of Frances Bean for the second time? View the court documents

Courtney Loses custody of Frances Bean

Friday, December 11, Courtney Love lost legal custody of her daughter, 17-year-old Frances Bean Cobain, for the second time. Love wasn’t present at the court proceedings, and wasn’t mentioned in the document. Responsibility for Frances’ personal and financial well-being was granted to her grandmother and aunt, Wendy O’Connor and Kimberly Cobain, who are father Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister. They will not have access to Frances Bean’s trust, which will

Courtney first lost custody of Frances Bean in 2003, and regained control of her daughter in 2005 after a lengthy court battle. Since then Courtney hasn’t exactly exuded the aura of a sane person, much less a competent mother. She threw Frances Bean a Sweet 16 suicide party, and has taken to MySpace, Twitter, and now Facebook to post paranoid, incoherent ramblings. Last year she was convinced that someone was stealing her clothes and her money, and she’s now rumored to be broke. A few months ago she was trying to get her paws into the trust Frances Bean has of her father’s money, which might have something to do with the recent court decision. Frances Bean turns 18 next August, so there’s a good chance she may never be under her mother’s legal care again.

Recently Courtney used her Facebook account to accuse Britney Spears’ dad of molesting her.

Courtney’s lawyer told TMZ, “Courtney wants to say she loves her daughter and she’s the most important thing in her life.”

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