Did Vienna Girardi have an abortion before going on The Bachelor?

Vienna Girardi and ex-boyfriend Brian Lee Smith

Starcasm has talked to a friend of Vienna Girardi’s ex-boyfriend Brian Lee Smith who tells us the winner of The Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s heart had an abortion so she could be on the show!

Our source tells us Vienna had the procedure done in June or July of 2009 and Smith “told me that Vienna was auditioning for The Bachelor. At this point they were on again off again. But he also told me Vienna had gotten an abortion against his wishes because of going on the show. Lee broke down in tears. He loves kids and loved Vienna. But she played him, and she knew exactly what she was doing.”

As for Brian Lee Smith’s arrest for trespassing on Vienna’s father’s property back in October, 2009, our source says, “the incident I don’t believe had anything to do with the abortion.” And continues, “if he really got arrested for going to Vienna’s parents’ then it was set up, because Lee knows his boundaries. Love can make you do crazy things, but not that crazy.”

We’ve had a number of people claiming to know both Vienna and Lee send us emails and leave comments, and aside from the “rah-rah” pro-Vienna statements, they all seem to suggest that Brian Lee Smith is a stand-up fellow. This time was no exception with this endorsement: “I know for a fact Lee is a good guy. He is a sweet and caring guy.”

The skeletons in Jake and Vienna’s closets continue to emerge! The next known batch should hit newsstands and the internet early this week as Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas finally reveals evidence that she claims proves The Bachelor was still involved with her during and after the show. Rumor has it the printed version will be in Star Magazine and then WILN of Panama City, Florida will have legal clearance to release their 2-plus hour interview with Tanya recorded almost two weeks ago! (You can listen to the preview HERE)

Stay tuned!

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