PHOTO Teen Mom Jenelle Evans in her sexy cop Halloween costume

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans wearing a black leather sexy sheriff Halloween costume

I’ve been writing posts about Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans ever since she was just a “foul-mouthed firecracker” in the preview trailer for the second season of 16 and Pregnant. I’ve been typing away through all of her highs (***ahem***) and her many lows (#delper), but none of that could prepare me for this photo of Jenelle wearing her “sexy cop” Halloween costume!

I even knew this was coming, and I was still caught slack-jawed in front of my computer screen saying to myself, “Oh Hell naw! Holy s***!” (And I meant those expletive in a good great way!)

I was so moved by the photo that I wrote a rap lyric about the costume just for Jenelle…

It’s iconic, ironic, so bionic
some will say moronic
maybe even demonic
I say f*** you
this is supersonic
hotter than Harry Connick
you’ll be wantin’ more
like hooked on phonics
Haters gonna hate
gonna be sardonic
at least she’s not out
puffin’ chronic


In all seriousness, Jenelle has been doing great lately (passing drug tests, passing college tests, getting a new house, etc) and I really do think her choice of costumes was brilliantly clever, ironic, and hilarious. Let’s just hope she doesn’t bump into Britany Truett wearing an angel costume – that brawl video would not be good! (Actually…)

UPDATE – In case you were wondering, Jenelle’s mom Baaaaaahbra approves. Jenelle shared this screen cap of a text message her mom sent her with the caption, “Thanks mom :)”

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