VIDEO Vintage Swayze had Pabst Blue Ribbon on his mind

Patrick Swayze Lisa Niemi PBR commercial

In a time way before hipsters claimed Pabst Blue Ribbon as their own anti-beer my old man and Patrick Swayze knew the value of a cold PBR!

In what is now my very favorite vintage advertisement clip we have the late and legendary Patrick Swayze geared up and going disco in HD as he has Saturday Night Fever and Pabst Blue Ribbon on his mind.

Patrick Swayze Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

There are just so many wonderful things about this 1979 beer commercial.

Swayze’s determined look as he heads to the disco

The blatant Bee Gees inspired song (I will transcribe all the lyrics after the clip)

The fact that they got this loaded up in HD

Patrick Swayze in a vintage PBR commercial

You have all the precursor moves that Swayze would show on Dirty Dancing

The couple’s Pabst joy is so overwhelming a Soul Train inspired dance line is formed

The way the voice over dude correctly pronounces Pabst -> Pab-suh-tuh!

Damn it I miss the late and great Patrick Swayze. I’m gonna drink a cold PBR in his name tonight, just as long as I don’t have to fight off any hipsters for it of course. One commenter on YouTube stated that they believe the beautiful woman in the video is none other than Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi. The two met when Lisa was taking dance classes taught by Patrick’s mother and were married in 1975.

Here’s a photo of the two from their big day:

Patrick Swayze on his wedding day

Check out the clip and tell me if you think it’s her while enjoying the awesomeness.

As promised here are the lyrics for a classic commercial jingle worthy of its classic commercial:

When they built Patrick Swayze they broke the mold.

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