PHOTOS Meet Solomon, baby #17 for the Browns of Sister Wives

Photo of baby Solomon with the Brown Family

Congratulations to the Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives as they have welcomed their 17th child into the world in the form of adorable little baby Solomon.

Solomon was born yesterday at 2:02 AM and weighed in at a healthy 9lbs, 10.5 oz, and was 22″ long. This little bundle of joy is the first for Kody and his fourth better fifth Robyn. He is Robyn’s fourth child as she has three children from a separate marriage to David Preston Jessop.

Solomon has 16 brothers and sisters as well as four mommas to get to know so the little tot is going to be pretty busy for the next few days I believe. With that much love to go around his family might just hug and squeeze this cutie pie too much!

Baby Solomon Brown – Sister Wives

The large polygamist family celebrated the home birth as Robyn explained that Solomon was her first baby to have blond hair:

“He looks like Kody. All my babies before had dark, curly hair. He is so cute. He looks like a little Brown baby. He has a sweet, peaceful spirit.”

Robyn also spoke of the joy she felt in knowing that Solomon has such a large supporting family cast to dote over him:

“Having everyone come in and fall in love with him was just heartwarming. Who doesn’t want to know that their child is loved by a whole big family? I had all these kids come in and moms falling in love with him. He has a list 21 deep of people loving him. There is not a lack of love.”

Here is a photo of Kody, Robyn and Solomon together.

Kody, Solomon and Robyn Brown – Sister Wives

Kody was his usually amped self. If you watch the show like me you have to be amazed at the dude’s energy and zest. I have one 3-year-old and feel like I’m worn out half the time. Papa Brown has 17 kids now! So how did he do during the birth? Not too bad according to Robyn:

“Kody was awesome. He was able to keep me calm and keep me focused when things got harder. I couldn’t get through a contraction without holding his hand. It was a beautiful, wonderful experience for me.”

The birth of baby Solomon will be featured on the Sister Wives season finale set to air on Nov. 27 at 9PM EST.

All Photos: TLC/Jana Cruder

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