PHOTO Teen Mom Jenelle Evans as… a cheerleader?

Photo of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as a young cheerleader

If you would have told me a few days ago I would soon be doing a post about a shocking Jenelle Evans photos, I never would have guessed it would be her as a cheerleader! That’s right, check out lil Jenelle (bottom left) getting her spirit on along with her fellow Cougar backers on what I am guessing is her middle school cheerleading squad.

That must have been something to see! No doubt Jenelle had the spirit for the task, and years of arguing with Barbara would have almost assuredly made her one of the loudest on the field.

But, somewhere along the way Jenelle was diverted from the career cheerleader path, which is a damn shame because I believe she could have generated an almost limitless number of viral videos in that capacity. Let’s take a hypothetical journey down a road not taken shall we?

Here is Jenelle in high school, meeting up after school hours with cheerleader Britany Truett (from a rival high school across town) to see who really has the most spirit:

Jenelle’s unrivaled spirit combined with her pom-pommeling skills and knack for making duck faces would lead to a scholarship offer from the Oregon University Ducks to be their mascot!

After graduating from college Jenelle would later use her talents to promote social causes:

It’s amazing how seemingly insignificant decisions such as not trying out for the cheerleading squad again can alter our entire lives! (Who knows though? Jenelle recently announced she has signed up for a hip hop dance class so perhaps it’s not too late! Does her college have cheerleaders?)

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