AUDIO Jenelle Eason’s 911 call: ‘I think I heard my f**king collarbone crack’

Jenelle Eason’s 911 call from the alleged assault at the hands of her husband David Eason over the weekend has been released in which Jenelle sobs throughout as she tells the operator that David pinned her to the ground and may have broken her collarbone.

We have the audio of the 911 call as well as a full transcript below, but in brief summary, Jenelle states that David had been drinking and at some point Jenelle says he “pinned me down on the ground” in the yard. “And I think I heard my f**king collarbone crack,” Jenelle says through tears. “And I can’t move my arms.”

Jenelle reveals that her four children are in the house asleep at the time, and although it sounds like voices can be heard in the background, she tells the operator that David left with a friend. She later responds to someone talking to her and tells the operator that it is her “ex” who “just came back in the house.”

Jenelle then says that her ex is “trying to convince me to hang up” and is telling her: “Oh, it’s OK. Oh, it’s OK.” Not long after that, the operator hangs up.

In case you missed our previous post, police officers and an ambulance were initially dispatched, but the ambulance was recalled before it arrived. The police reportedly spoke with Jenelle and advised her of her rights, but she did not want to press charges. Unfortunately, the officers did not fill out a report, so it is unknown exactly what took place. It is assumed that there was not enough visible evidence, as far as injuries sustained by Jenelle, to arrest David without her cooperation or the corroboration of a witness.

Jenelle was later taken to a hospital in a private vehicle.

Here is the 911 call followed by a complete transcript:

OPERATOR: 911, where is your emergency?

JENELLE: [SOBBING] My God. Sorry. My name is Jenelle Eason, I’m at [address redacted] and my husband he just assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground and [inaudible then more sobbing] I’m sorry. In the yard. And I think I heard my f**king collarbone crack. And I can’t move my arms. I can’t.

OPERATOR: And you said your first name is Jenelle? Is that what you said?

JENELLE: Yes. Eason. E-A-S-O-N.

OPERATOR: And where is your husband at now?

JENELLE: He is here at the house and he’s been drinking. And I think he got violent because he was drinking. And I’m recovering from a surgery on Monday and [still sobbing] I’m sorry.

OPERATOR: That’s OK. What is your husband’s name?

JENELLE: It’s David. David Eason. [sobbing] I can’t breathe!

OPERATOR: We’re going to get police and an ambulance headed that way Jenelle, OK? Just stay clear from him. Does he have any weapons?

JENELLE: No he doesn’t. I don’t know. I don’t know what he has, but I have four kids and they’re in the house with me right now. And they’re all sleeping.

OPERATOR: OK, I’m going to let them know that four kids are there.

JENELLE: Yeah, and they’re all sleeping. I don’t know, I don’t know what to do. I’m [inaudible]

OPERATOR: I’m going to get the police around there to at least talk to you and help with this situation since he did what he did, and get an ambulance. How old are you Jenelle?

JENELLE: I’m 26.

OPERATOR: OK. And he just did this right now, right?


OPERATOR: Are you outside and he’s inside?


OPERATOR: OK. Is he far enough way from you now that he’s not going to be near you right now?

JENELLE: Yeah, I think — I think he left the house.


JENELLE: [sobbing] I don’t know what to do right now.

OPERATOR: OK, you think he left the house? Do you think he got in the car and left?

JENELLE: Yeah, he left with his friend. Yes, he’s left with his friend. He left with his friend JD and I’m here at the house. I don’t know what to do.

OPERATOR: What kind of vehicle did he leave in?

JENELLE: I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of vehicle he left in. I don’t know.

OPERATOR: OK. Are you bleeding anywhere?

JENELLE: No I’m not, but my collarbone hurts so bad!

OPERATOR: OK. Alright, just be as still as you possibly can, we’re going to let them know what happened, you know, with the collarbone area, and they can check on you. They’re going to check on that area, OK? Now I need you to just —


OPERATOR: Who’s that talking to you now?

JENELLE: That’s — that’s my — That’s my ex. He just came back in the house. He’s sit — He’s sitting here trying to convince me — he’s sitting here trying to convince me to hang up and trying to defend my — he’s, like, “Oh I’m trying to defend myself right now. Oh, it’s OK. Oh, it’s OK.”

OPERATOR: Alright, I just want to make sure you’re OK. Do you need to stay on the phone with me until help gets there?

JENELLE: [sobbing turns to high pitched wails] All that I know is that my collarbone hurts so bad. And that’s all —

OPERATOR: OK, I do have help that is going to be responding to you. Do you want me to stay on the phone you?

JENELLE: [sobbing] [inaudible] You can hang up.

OPERATOR: OK, if anything changes —

JENELLE: But I want them to come here, and I’ll answer the door, it’s OK. I’ll answer the door.

OPERATOR: OK. Alright, now if David comes back and he’s bothering you, you call us back, OK?

JENELLE: OK. Thank you so much.

OPERATOR: You’re welcome. Bye bye.


I knew this call was going to be bad, but it is much worse than I thought. Jenelle sounds terrified and absolutely broken. The statement made by her “rep” to People claiming that Jenelle simply tripped and fell while hanging with friends around a bonfire seems extremely far fetched to say the least — and a textbook example of an attempt to cover up domestic violence.

UPDATE – Jenelle spoke with E! News and said of the incident: “It was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding…Everything is great…We are totally fine…We are feeling fine…Just taking time off social media…time to focus on ourselves and our family.”

I assumed that I was going to be including reactions from Jenelle’s concerned Teen Mom 2 co-stars in this post after the release of the 911 call, but the only one to really offer up any reaction at all was Chelsea Houska, who expressed her astonishment that David was not arrested.

“How was he not arrested?” Chelsea asked on Twitter in a response to The Ashley’s story about the 911 call. Another Twitter user agreed: “RIGHT!?! She decided not to press charges and then came up with a lie as to why she called 911. So sad.”

Chelsea replied to that by tweeting: “For some reason I thought they almost always had to take someone in when they are called to a domestic violence. Wow.”

Actually, I shouldn’t say that Chelsea is the only Teen Mom 2 cast member to respond to the 911 call as Kail Lowry has shared several sponsored links to articles about the call — just without any commentary. Briana DeJesus tweeted and deleted the short message “Wow that phone call ?” before also posting a sponsored link on Instagram with the caption “? for Jenelle. #LinkInBio”

Meanwhile, David’s Instagram account posted a gallery of images of David with his daughter Ensley and the message: “Ensley is getting so big and independent! She just loves walking and seeing new things!” He also posted a video with Ensley.

I’m genuinely terrified for Jenelle right now. Her horrible situation just got a lot more dangerous due to the exposure, and there really is no telling what David might do. I will end this post with the same two paragraphs I concluded our previous post with:

I understand that Jenelle has managed to alienate a lot of people — so much so that there is literally an online “hatter” army dedicated to bringing her down. But no matter what your opinion of her is, I hope that you will see this situation as one that does not call for any sort of Jenelle bashing. If you hate her and you receive joy in your life when bad things happen to her, then clearly you have reason to be happy. Please, just enjoy your schadenfreude quietly. She is in a horrible situation and needs help and encouragement at this point. She needs out of this situation. Yes, it’s her fault that she is in it, and her fault that she remains in it — but this looks to be a classic abuse situation in which the isolation tactics of an abuser have escalated to an extremely dangerous level. And let’s not forget that there are children involved here as well.

Honestly, I am extremely concerned for Jenelle in the wake of this story breaking. I know she has burned a lot of bridges in her personal life, but I hope she has some sort of lifeline still available — if not to help her get out immediately, then at least just another adult to talk to. Thankfully, she has a team of MTV producers that regularly get her off The Land and away from David, so perhaps that will give her some sort of outside interaction and perspective. That being said, if we hear that Jenelle has stopped filming, then my concern levels will go through the roof.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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