PHOTOS Maci Bookout boasts about bikini bod during PCB vacay

Teen Mom Maci Bookout bikini 2011

I grew up on Panama City Beach so writing this one up is like revisiting old times. Teen Mom Maci Bookout is back down at The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches having fun with some friends and she was kind enough to tweet herself and some friends in the self-described #teenclubbootypopping.

She wrote the following for the above image:

Actually this is an additional flashback for me other than my raising because we did a comprehensive beer bong photos of Maci Bookout post featuring images of the Teen Mom from a prior visit to my old stomping grounds. It’s a good look back for us Macioligists to closely consider her bikini development (no offense Kyle).

Right now the relationship, or lack thereof, between Maci and her baby-daddy Ryan seems to be the major plot line for Season 3 of Teen Mom. Our devoted readers have had strong feelings one way or the other in regards to how Maci perceives Ryan’s motivations in regards to their son Bentley. I’m sure a few of you will want to chime in on Maci chillin’ on the beach amirite!?!

Teen Mom Maci Bookout bikini 2011

I just hope Maci has a good time down there off Front Beach Rd. and Thomas Dr. in a vacay spot that is entirely different from the days when I grew up. And hey girls of the #teenclubbootypopping when that cute guy at the miniature golf course makes a lame blue balls joke give him a break and laugh and smile. I promise you it will make his day 🙂

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