PHOTO O’ The Day: Jennifer Lopez lets badonk do the talking

Jennifer Lopez lets her backside do the talking from her sex tape

Being a dedicated blogger I’ve been all over the likelihood that a Jennifer Lopez sex tape will be making the rounds via the internet either by court ruling or more probable the ol’ standard “leak.” Recently, husband Marc Anthony skeedaddled from an interview with Univision when he was relentlessly asked about the existence and situation in regards to the tape.

In a Spanish video report circulating about the whole sordid badonkulous affair the news agency was king enough to provide two brief clips from this already infamous video. The above image is of Jennifer doing a Jim Carrey impersonation as she bends over and appears to do a little conversatin’ via her vajayjay! This could be an interesting new twist on American Idol next year but one that I pray Randy Jackson steers far, far away from.

I can’t help but wonder what JLo’s down-low had to say? It must have been pretty shocking if the random office employee’s reaction above is any indication. I guess I’ll have to wait like everyone else!