PHOTO Kim Kardashian creates badonkadoptical illusion in houndstooth pants

Kim Kardashian's booty in houndstooth pants

Can you say M.C. Asscher? The now official number one reality star on the planet Kim Kardashian went over the top by putting a pair of intricate houndstooth patterned pants over her bottom and walking around New York City earlier today.

Her already hypnotizing posterior became a dizzying vortex that surely must have left a trail of staggering, bewildered males in its wake. (More so than usual.) Although Kim is no stranger to houndstooth, the much-smaller pattern on her spherical cuteus maximus caused a distortion in the visual space time continuum, much like the other famous trunk in Stephen King’s From a Buick 8.

Here’s an animated moon zoom that I should warn you may cause dizziness, nausea, and the usual intoxicating sense of wonder:

Kim Kardashian's ass animated gif

This post (and posterior) brought to you by Hypnotoad.

Hypnotoad from Futurama

Kim Kardashian photos: Jackson Lee / Splash News