PHOTO Jenelle Evans reveals HUGE cherry blossom back tattoo

Jenelle Evans back tattoos cherry blossom tree skull butterfly and a rose

Despite a seemingly unending series of legal issues stemming from her falling out with former boss, and her former roommate Heather Hannah Inman, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans seems to be keeping herself busy with school, spending time with her son Jace, getting closer to her new boyfriend Gary Head, and… getting a tattoo! A HUUUUGE tattoo!

Jenelle tweeted the above photo Thursday (click to enlarge) along with the exclamation “Ouuuuchhh!”

The tattoo is of a cherry blossom tree with three cherry blossoms in bloom and many others being blown away in the wind. In traditional Japanese art the cherry blossom is a metaphor for life. There is a brief, beautiful blooming, followed by the blossoms (life) being blown away in the wind.

Perhaps Jenelle was paying close attention after all when she visited the Wat Carolina Buddhist Monastery last April! Teen Mommmmmmmmmmm. Mommmmmmmmmm. Mommmmmmmmmm…

Buddhist Kieffer approves.

Kieffer Delp Buddhist monk

The cherry blossoms, which also symbolize female beauty and sexuality btw (for much the same reason as life), join Jenelle’s shoulder rose, an ornate letter “J” for her son Jace on her neck, and a skull butterfly tramp stamp in what is quickly becoming an impressive collection of inkage! Maci Bookout had better lookout because her back tat menagerie has a new challenger!

Jenelle’s zencredible tattoo made me think of M. Ward’s masterful musical take on Eastern Philosophy titled “Chinese Translation” and the accompanying animated video that could very well be one of the Top 50 music videos ever made:

Yes Grasshoppa, I seen ya with Kieffuh. Teen Mom Barbara Evans parody