PHOTO For those who think Kim Kardashian has no talents

Kim Kardashian carries nephew Mason to church August 5 2012

Kim Kardashian often gets criticized for being one of the most famous people on the planet without having any actual talents to speak of, aside from being damn good at being famous (and wearing bikinis). For those naysayers out there, let me present photographic proof that Kim Kardashian is indeed talented at something, perhaps more so than any other celebrity outside of Christina Hendricks — toting a child on her hip!

Check out Kim headed to church (above) with her nephew Mason earlier today. Not only does Mason have a comfortable place to sit thanks to Kim’s famous curvaceous frame, but he’s also protected with passenger air bags for extra safety! I’m telling you folks, you could carve an exact replica of Kim Kardashian out of wood and mount it on a carousel and kids could ride her two at a time!

All joking aside – Kim looks great as a mom don’t you think? C’mon Kanye, the clock is ticking! We want a new kind of Lil Kim!

Photo: MAP / Splash News