REPORT Amanda Bynes involved in another hit and run

Amanda Bynes hit and run Mario Kart

Someone needs to tell Amanda Bynes that reality isn’t a game of Mario Kart! The 26-year-old has been in more hit and runs in the last year than Ichiro Suzuki!

The latest bash and dash allegedly occurred Saturday on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley where Kisa (last name witheld) claims the actress/singer/demolition derby prodigy Bynes rear ended her.

Kisa (last name witheld) tells TMZ she was driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley when she was struck by a woman in a black BMW. Kisa tells TMZ she didn’t recognize the woman at first — because she “looked like a hot mess” — but once they began talking, she realized it was Amanda Bynes.

Kisa says she got out her insurance card to exchange information, but says Bynes “seemed nervous about that.” She says Bynes told her the damage to the Corolla didn’t look that bad and proceeded to push her bumper back into place (that didn’t work, see pic on TMZ).

Kisa says Bynes insisted they didn’t need to exchange information, although Kisa says there was substantial damage to Bynes car. Despite Kisa’s insistence on a 411 swap, Bynes took off, at which point Kisa called police who filed a hit and run report.

Amanda Bynes irked a police officer in March when she drove off as he was writing her a citation for talking on her cell phone while driving, then was allegedly involved in two different hit and run accidents on May 5 and May 27, after being arrested for DUI in between on April 6. Bynes later pleaded not guilty after Barak Obama did not respond to her Twitter request for assistance in the case.

Whoever the judge is needs to either suspend Bynes’ license or at least install a dashboard camera to keep track of all her run-ins! Here’s an animated gif of what that might look like:

Woman driver in two accidents in 30 seconds animated gif