THE OTHER WAY Sarper requests help finding son in Russia

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Sarper asks for help locating his son in Russia

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Sarper Güven revealed on this week’s episode that he has a son in Russia he has never met! After the episode aired, the Turkish reality star took to social media to ask his followers to help him locate his long lost child.

“I have a son but I never met or seen him before,” Sarper revealed to a few of his family members during a scene from The Other Way. “He’s, I think, 24 or 25 right now.”

Sarper explained more in a brief confessional:

On 1998, when I was on summer vacation, I met with a Russian lady. We had one week of vacation together, and so many times we had sex. Her intention was having a child, but I didn’t know that.

Sarper said he and the woman only exchanged first names and email addresses. “Three or four months later, I got an email saying that ‘I am pregnant.'”

The woman assured Sarper that he had “no obligation to see the child,” but Sarper was still scared. “I deleted my email, and I forgot it.”

More from Sarper in another confessional:

I was so scared that she will come and give the child to my lap and I was 18 years old, so… [sighs] It was difficult to handle that. I tried to forget it. But maybe five years after that, I was really regretful and I tried to find her. I couldn’t. I just know her name. No surname. No family name. So I couldn’t reach her.

Sarper remained regretful, and he expressed his wish to finally meet his son.

Sarper asks for help locating his son

After the episode aired, Sarper shared a video and a lengthy written post on Instagram asking for help locating his long lost son. He provided additional information, including the name of the woman and her age.

“In 1998, I met with a Russian woman called Alina in Antalya in a hotel,” Sarper wrote in the video caption. “I was 19 and she was 35 at the moment. We were together for a week.”

Sarper said he was 18 when he told the story on the show, but I assume 19 is correct given that he had time to prepare the statement.

Unfortunately, Sarper’s video is not embeddable. If that changes, or if I am able to find it re-uploaded somewhere else, I will add that in below.

Here is the rest of Sarper’s caption requesting assistance locating his son:

“While I had no mobile phone at that time, the only contacts we had were emails.. After a while I had an email from her saying that she was pregnant, arranged that deliberately and wanted a kid without marriage..

“We kept mailing.. In every email she wrote that she had no expectations from me and was just giving information.

“She later reported that she had an ultrasound and learned the child was a boy. We kept mailing till 7-8 months of pregnancy. Then I was so scared that she would come and give the baby to me, and deleted my account and disappeared.. I was just so young for such a responsibility.

“Years later, I came to my senses and decided to find Alina and the baby. But i couldn’t find my old email. I tried to reach the hotel, but it was renovated and changed name.. I am told there were no previous years’ records. I don’t know her family name and what name she gave to my son.

“​My biggest dream is to see my son at least once in my lifetime. To be honest along with our big and unusual love with @shekinah.garner this was another motive for me to be involved on this show. It is an international show and has a big audience worldwide. But as I learned, due to conflict with Russia, American networks are not broadcasting there.

“So I had only two options left; DNA pool check and social media. As DNA tests are illegal and forbidden in Turkey, the only hope I am left with is SOCIAL MEDIA.
I want you REPOST this message or SHARE with or TAG in comments anybody who you know is Russian, or related with Russia. Maybe we can somehow reach him, his mother or anyone who knows this story from her side.

“People who have any information can contact me with instagram DM s of @sarper90day @shekinahsarper90day accounts which I will check constantly.

“Once more to remind: her name is ALINA, who is from Moscow and she has to be 60-61 years old now. Also I told her my name as Sarp (I told her shorter version).I will give you updates on developments.”

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