THE OTHER WAY Where to buy Debbie’s art, jewelry and clothes!

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Debbie's jewelry and art for sale online

Artist, hopeless romantic, donkey rider, former poetry fan, and current Texas margarita lover Debbie Aguero is one of the few cast members from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way to emerge as a fan favorite this season.

We previously shared numerous examples of Miss Debbie’s paintings. Now, for those of you wanting to own your very own piece of Miss Debbie’s eccentric personality and zest for life in the form of her art and jewelry, we’re happy to share info on how you can purchase it!

PLUS, you get the added bonus of helping Debbie live out Oussama’s dream of making lots of money selling art in America!

There are at least two places to buy Miss Debbie’s creations on the internet. The first is her jewelry-centric website for Gem House Studio. As you might imagine from the name, the site is mostly jewelry, but it does also offer some limited edition prints of Debbie’s two-dimensional masterpieces.

Here’s the “About Me” from the website, along with some sample jewelry listings:

Debbie from 90 Day Fiance The Other Way jewelry for sale

Gem House Studio presents breathtaking gemstone jewelry and art to inspire a style and taste that’s abundant in creativity.

Here at GemHouse, we adorn ourselves in kindness and inclusiveness and aim to make a difference through artistic endeavors.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Debbie Aguero's jewelry for sale online

GemHouse Studio is welcomed and founded by Miss Debbie and her treasure chest is full of exquisite delights and inspiration to encourage others with meaning and purpose. To bring light in a dark world for all to shine.

Shine on.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Where to buy Debbie's jewelry online

A glimpse into the vision of GemHouse Studio from the founder, Miss Debbie

At Gem House Studios I’m launching a platform for the arts to shed light on emotional wellness. This artistic platform will be used to implement and promote a hands-on studio focusing on creative collaboration, in relaxing environment. Future plans could be to incorporate an animal sanctuary to further create environments conducive to respite and healing the silent walking wounded.

Many have suffered child abuse and other traumas that leave lasting invisible scars, and we seek to provide a refuge for emotional wellness through outlets and exploring creativity and talent. I will use my love of gemstones and art to achieve this dream that will help others. My belief is that interaction with art and animals has led me on a better path. It is my goal to…be the difference.

– Debbie Aguero-Holman (Miss Debbie)

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Debbie Aguero painting

The Other Way Debbie’s Art For Sale

As mentioned above, Debbie also offers limited edition prints of her paintings via the Gem House Studio website!

Most of the listings are for prints that are 11 inches by 14 inches. “Lurking Lessons” (pictured above) is a little bit larger at 12″ x 18″.

The Other Way Debbie's art for sale
The Other Way Debbie's paintings for sale as prints

One of the art listings says the print is “limited to an edition of 555,” but the other listings do not state how many prints were made.

Four of the six prints offered on the site are priced at $165. The other two are $175 and $185 (“Lurking Lessons”). That could pay for quite a few donkey riding lessons y’all!

Buy The Other Way Debbie's art online

The website also offers A LOT of jewelry that Debbie has purchased and is offering for resale! You can find those pieces under “Curated Jewelry Collection” on the site.

The Other Way Debbie on Poshmark

In addition to the Debbie wares available on the Gem House Studio website, she also has TONS of jewelry, gems, and clothing items available on Poshmark under the name Praline Queen. Here’s a very Debbie description of herself from one of her listings:

The Praline Queen resides in the land of Posh and rules from the Palace closet. Her new Royal edict states ” The dungeon is the new containment zone for husbands that complain about shopping.” Royal Closet is open 24-7 and in no way are we affiliated with The Waffle House.

According to the Debbie’s Closet home page, she has more than 4,000 listings on the site! Of course, that includes quite a few photos of Debbie’s house, pets, son and other stuff. Those “listings” are super fun to look through, which you can easily do by sorting the listings from high price to low.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a way to sort her listings to isolate her clothing items for sale. However, it’s pretty simple to type in terms like “coat,” “jacket,” “bikini,” etc. (No, I didn’t see any of her trademark feather coats for sale.)

I’ve got a crazy idea, but you’ll have to hear me out. Debbie should start an OnlyFans (stay with me!) and post videos of herself painting. It would be like Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting, only with Miss Debbie! She could also share a series called “The Joy of Making Jewelry.”

While creating, Debbie can talk about the work and tell stories — either from her life or stories she makes up. I sincerely believe she could do pretty well with that! Certainly enough to make Oussama jealous. 😂

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