90 DAY FIANCE Did Kris Foster get her stolen motorcycle back? UPDATE

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Did Kris Foster get her stolen motorcycle back?

We have some great news, and some not-so-great news, from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Kris Foster in regards to her stolen rare motorcycle.

The great news is that Kris will be getting her father’s Harley-Davidson back after it was stolen more than two years ago. The not-so-great news is that the bike looks to be in much worse condition, and Kris will have to shell out quite a bit of money to get it out of the police impound lot.

Kris shared a photo on Instagram earlier today with the update. In the photo, you can see the motorcycle before it was stolen at the top, and I assume that is the same motorcycle (after it was recovered by police) pictured at the bottom.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Kris's stolen motorcycle update

“Well thanks dope heads for totally destroying my beautiful bike!!” Kris began the lengthy caption for the heart-breaking image. “I’m happy it was found during a drug raid but the Haleyville police dept forgot to tell me they found it so it’s been sitting at impound lot since January 28th!!!”

Kris mentioned in a previous post that the motorcycle “wasn’t drivable” and needed to be fixed. It’s unclear if the motorcycle is still not drivable, or if it was repaired at some point.

Not knowing that her motorcycle had been recovered was bad, but Kris says that she also has to pay money to get it back! A LOT of money! “Add it up 250 for towing it plus 35 a day it sits there!!” If you do the math, figuring $250 plus 45 days at $35-a-day, the total would be $1,825!

Thankfully, the good news/bad news pendulum swings back a little towards the positive for Kris. “The nice people at the lot says I can get it for $500, which is amazing, but I shouldn’t have to pay that!! I would have driven at 3 in the morning the minute they found it to get my baby!!! Now I have to figure out how to take care of this!!”

Despite the frustration of being charged money for having her stolen property recovered by police, Kris is still able to see the silver lining. “In the end I’m thankful my bike is coming back to me,” Kris wrote. “My dad will be smiling in the after life. But I feel like I’m being robbed again because of this incompetence on our public figures’ behalf!!!”

Kris answered questions in the comments section, providing a little more information about what happened.

KRIS: Yes investigators are playing the blame game. Haleyville saying Franklin county is responsible because they found it then I call Franklin county and they say it’s Haleyville fault because that’s where it was stolen from!! It’s so wrong!! I just hope I can get the money together soon and just be done with all of this mess!

COMMENT: Happy you got it back! I agree though–having to pay the fee for the impound when it was part of a theft investigation is ridiculous!
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KRIS: The worst part is multiple vehicles on the lot and owners have no info on them either!! Several people not knowing their stolen vehicles were recovered and if they don’t find out soon then impound lit owns them!!! I plan on taking a video when I go pick mine up so I can post to maybe help others not knowing their stuff is found.

COMMENT: That’s a good idea for the video! It would be interesting to see how many people you alert that their property is actually recovered! That would be infuriating to know that there are just cars sitting and rotting and they have no knowledge that they are even there. I wish the city/county could be sued or something! Sheesh!
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KRIS: Yes it’s a hard situation and it’s not the tow yards fault they are being sweet but they have to get paid for going out at 3 in morning to get it and I understand that but maybe I can help these other people out there upset their stuff was stolen and I can at least notify them so they don’t lose it all over again to the lot yard. That would be a win for me just helping others find out about their stuff!

COMMENT: Omg this breaks my heart. I am so glad it’s being returned but yes it should be free. Handing you the fees is like a punishment to you. Hope you get things sorted out so you can go for a ride. Nothing beats a good bike ride to clear the mind. I have certain biker angel friends if you get my drift. LOL

KRIS: Thank you so much!! This was the only material possession my dad ever cared about and we use to ride when I was little and that was our thing ya know. When he got this bike he couldn’t wait for me to see it and I joked that I was happy he bought me an awesome bike! Lol he told everyone from then on that it was mine and he was just holding it for me. Hahaha when he got too sick to ride, he wanted me to go ahead and take it but I refused until right before he passed away because I knew he could still see it. How does window and I would clean it up and crank it and let him hear it, and it still put a smile on his face. that bike sat where he could see it for five years. it means more to me than I can even explain.

COMMENT: Thought you had to go to court months ago when they arrested the guy that took it? So u made it seem like u got it back when u were in Columbia now they just found it? Confusing.

KRIS: No I was having to go to court because they found the man who stole it but the bike was not in his possession when he was arrested! They never found it until recently!!

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