Woman arrested after trying to sell kids on Facebook for boyfriend’s bail

Misty VanHorn mug shot after trying to sell kids on Facebook for boyfriend's bail

So what do you do if your boyfriend’s in jail and you can’t afford his bail? Sell the kids! At least that was the conclusion of 22-year-old Misty VanHorn of Sallisaw, Oklahoma (mug shot photo above), who attempted to sell her kids to get the $1,000 needed to spring her boyfriend out of the big house. VanHorn contacted a woman on Facebook, offering up her two children in exchange for cash, but unfortunately for VanHorn her plan backfired.

According to Oklahoma’s News 9, VanHorn contacted an acquaintance who lives in Fort Hill, Arkansas via the social networking site about buying her 2-year-old and 10-month-old daughters for $1,000 each or both for $4,000. “Just come to Sallisaw, it’s only 30 minutes away and I’ll give you all of her stuff and let y’all have her forever for $1,000,” one of the messages read. A relative of that woman then called the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, who notified police.

Detectives say VanHorn explained that she needed the money to bond her boyfriend out of jail. VanHorn was booked into the Sequoyah County Jail on two complaints of trafficking children. Her bond was set at $40,000.

“It just shocked me because I really didn’t think she would be capable of doing something like that,” said Crystal Mize, a friend of Misty VanHorn. Mize told News 9 that she and her husband had previously taken care of VanHorn’s two children. “She brought them over dirty, and untaken care of, she never even called and checked on them.”

It is also being reported that VanHorn was seen going door to door earlier in the week trying to get the thousand bucks she needed for her boyfriend’s bail.

It’s not known what Misty’s boyfriend was arrested for. Her children are currently in the custody of the state.

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