MUSIC VIDEO: Miley Cyrus new song “Who Owns My Heart” isn’t half-bad

Usually Miley Cyrus’ music makes me want to stab my pencil in my ears to stop the pain, but the grown-up Cyrus’ new sexy club song “Who Owns My Heart” is actually pleasant in a dance club-way.

It’s got a good beat, a decent hook. It’s somewhere far below Lady Gaga but slightly above Katy Perry (and waaaay above Ke$ha).

After listening to this for the third time, it’s evident this is gonna turn into a “Pocket full of Sunshine” situation a’ la Emma Stone in Easy A. Well played, Miley.

Not a bad direction for the former Disney Queen to go in, as long as she steers clear of Cocaine Lane and Alcohol Alley on her path to Adult Pop Royalty.