VIDEO David Archuleta mistakes Steven Tyler for a woman on Wendy Williams

David Archuleta on the Wendy Williams Show

File this one away in the “D’oh!” file. 2008 American Idol runner-up David Archuleta was on the Wendy Williams show promoting his new album The Other Side Of Down when he was asked about the new lineup of American Idol judges. He was shown this picture of judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler along with host Ryan Seacrest:

Steven Tyler in Dude Looks Like A Lady

Here’s the video:

Wendy Williams: What do you think about the new judges, before we talk about the rest of what’s going on with your life?

David Archuleta: The new judges – I’m kind of excited! I’m looking forward to seeing Jen – who’s that other girl? Is there another girl? Are there four judges?

WW: Oh no!

DA: Oh!

WW: That Would be Steven Tyler.

DA: (Same time as Wendy) Oh, that’s Jennifer Lopez!

DA: No, sorry, I was lookin’ at – No, so I was lookin’ at Jennifer Lopez. (laughs) I didn’t know she had blond hair now. I promise I wasn’t looking at Steven Tyler.

Can you say “Errorsmith?”

I think Steven Tyler sang it best in this Aerosmith Top Twenty hit from 1987:

Ooh what a funky lady
She like it, like it, like it, like that,
Ooh he was a lady

Even while biting the A.I. hand that fed him, the Arch remained adorable throughout. Besides, I get Steven Tyler and former Real Housewife of Orange County Lynne Curtin mixed up all the time!

Is Lynne urtin actually Steven Tyler of Aerosmith?

(Photo from the Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 4 Reunion Recap & Comic Book!)