Kanye is still bluntly honest

Kanye West, of “Bush hates black people,” and “Imma gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time” fame has publicly apologized for being an ass, but that doesn’t mean he’s backing down from bluntly calling things like he sees them.

He recently took a swing at everyone’s favorite punching bag Lindsay Lohan over an old wound, the Ungaro incident.

Seriously, there’s been so much Lohan drama since Ungaro,  we’ve forgotten it even happened. Thanks for reminding us of  yet another LaLohan train wreck.

Ye told Britain’s Daily Mirror:

“Have you heard of a little thing called Lindsay Lohan’s Ungaro collection? That was like the 9/11 of fashion. It was game over for me after that as no one would take a celebrity trying to do fashion seriously.”

There is a thing called “knocking shit out of the park despite what detractors may say” or (“eff the haters” in reality-show speak), but instead he’s using Lindsay’s Ungaro debacle as an excuse not to start a clothing line.

He should look to Lauren Conrad for guidance on this issue. She’s still willing to put up a good fight.

In case you need a little background: In 2009 Lindsay Lohan was appointed “artistic director,”  and worked with designer Estrella Archs in a desperate effort to revive a crumbling 45-year-old French fashion house that was once formidable.

The 2010 Spring/Summer collection, which featured heart-shaped pasties, premiered to dismal reviews, and the situation was worsened by the fact that Lilo looked a little three-sheets-to-the-wind at the event. Ungaro stood by her through the coldest blast of PR freeze, but quietly let her go a few months later.