16 and Pregnant’s Josh Smith arrested for domestic violence, threatened rape of Jennifer Del Rio

16 and Pregnant fight between Jennifer Del Rio and baby daddy Joshua Smith

As I mentioned in a previous post the upcoming third season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant features a violent confrontation between Jennifer Del Rio and the father of her twin sons, Josh Smith. Only a few hours after publishing the post TMZ posted excerpts from court records which reveal Jennifer filed a restraining order against Josh (actually Joshua Smith). From TMZ:

According to the documents filed in March, Del Rio claims Smith — the father of her twin babies — had been “harrasing [sic] and threatened [her] saying he will have [her] raped.”

Del Rio continued, “[Smith] has attempted to kidnap children.” She adds, “Due to [Smith’s] violence [Del Rio] is frightened for her life and children’s life.”

16 and Pregnant Josh Smith mug shot

Josh Smith also has a previous arrest for domestic violence back on November 4, 2010, which I assume is the incident documented in the 16 and Pregnant trailer in which Jennifer and Josh are seen fighting before Josh is taken away in cuffs by police. His mug shot above is from that arrest and you can see he’s wearing the same shirt in the trailer:

Jennifer Del Rio's boyfriend Josh Smith arrested in 16 and Pregnant Trailer

I should point out that judging from Jennifer’s Facebook fan page it appears as though the two of them are on good terms now. Though they are not back together they seem to have worked out an “agree to disagree” separation. The girls are arriving in Los Angeles today to tape follow-up interviews (and I suppose the Reunion Special) so I’m sure there will be a post-show interview with Jennifer catching us all up on her relationship with Josh after her episode airs.

UPDATE – Apparently the two are on anything BUT good terms! The two just got into another fracas over the children which resulted in Josh receiving a bloody nose and accusations of kidnapping!!! CLICK HERE to read all about it!

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