MUG SHOT Whitney Purvis’ ex Weston Gosa arrested for DUI, drug possession

Whitney Purvis baby daddy Weston Gosa mug shot photo

It looks like someone partied a little too hard on the 4th of July! 16 & Pregnant star Whitney Purvis’ baby daddy, Weston Gosa, was arrested yesterday in Georgia. On top of being drunk, Gosa was also in the possession of drugs at the time he was arrested!

According to TMZ, the 23-year-old 16 & Pregnant dad was detained after crashing his vehicle. The Floyd County Police determined that Gosa was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. They later found that he was in the possession of Xanax and Lorcet without a prescription, as well as a pipe containing some sort of residue.

Gosa, who starred alongside Whitney Purvis in season 1 of 16 & Pregnant, has been charged with felony possession of controlled substances, misdemeanor possession of drug-related objects, and DUI. As of this morning, he was still in custody.

It should be noted that in addition to celebrating the birth of our nation, Weston was also celebrating his own, as his birthday is July 4.

UPDATE – Whitney has since posted a statement on Facebook about Weston’s arrest:

I would greatly appreciate it if people would stop talking down to me about Weston. Yes, it happened. Yes, it’s sucks but that is still the father of my son and I dont feel like hearing it. everyone makes mistake and some bigger then others. You can’t be harder on him than he is on his self. Sometimes it takes something this extreme for someone to wake up and see how far into something they’ve gotten. In a way my prayers were answered. Thaaaanks everybody who is actually supportive and not being negative.

Whitney Purvis herself was arrested earlier this year for allegedly stealing a pregnancy test from her local Wal-Mart which she later explained. Fortunately, the charges against her were dropped and she wasn’t pregnant. Just last year, April Purvis, Whitney’s mom, was busted for possession of meth and marijuana. April received a misdemeanor charge for pot as well as a felony possession for the meth.

Purvis and Gosa are no longer together. The two split last year, and after Purvis began dating someone new, Gosa made it his business to get revenge on her in a big way — “Kieffer-style!” Gosa posted a nude photo of Purvis, even tagging her in it, on his Facebook page.

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